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Home Exchange - The Perfect Family Vacation

Before the arrival of our daughter, the idea of home exchange had never crossed our minds. We enjoyed a variety of great holidays from winter-sporting in Whistler to backpacking around Thailand with only a very rough route in mind. Previously great lovers of hotels, we found that they no longer suited our needs and several nights of whispering in the bathroom while waiting for our daughter to go to sleep quickly lost it's appeal.

With a lively six year old to consider, our idea of what constitutes a good vacation has changed and we have thoroughly embraced the idea of home swapping since being introduced to IVHE. What we love is the flexibility of destinations it offers, allowing us to stay in varied, but always lovely accommodation that truly feels like a home away from home. Home exchange gives us the flexibility to eat when and where we like, vary the size of group we travel with and enjoy a glass of wine together on the balcony or just flop in front of the television once our daughter has gone to bed. This is without mentioning the obvious great financial benefits ...

Fabulous Apartment in Spain
Thanks to home exchange we have stayed in locations ranging from Marbella to Brighton,  Dorset to Mallorca. Particular highlights that stick in the memory are visiting the Barbary Apes in Gibraltar (although I think the little one was more impressed by the ants!), a horse and carriage ride round the beautiful Spanish town of Ronda, watching our daughter learn to swim in the swimming pool of a MallorcanFinca and taking in the sights and sounds of the 
world-famous  Edinburgh festival.

Now that 2012 is fast approaching we are turning our thoughts to where to visit next. A Riad in Morrocco has already been booked, but a house sitting on the banks of Lake Como and a Welsh cottage are also beckoning! A big thank you to IVHE for the travel opportunities you have opened up to us, we can't wait to get some more trades arranged, we just love home swaps and trading!
A weekend in a Boutique Hotel in Devon
For more information on house swaps and how it works please visit  We would be delighted to help arrange your home exchange to these or any of our other great home exchange properties! 


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