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Home Exchange-Ski Whiteface Mountain let yourself go!

 Home Exchange in a wonderful converted Barn, Available from March 9 to 23, and for a week or two in the middle of June.  May be available for various weeks during the summer.  With 26 acres of meadows and woods, a leanto and fireplace on the property, and close proximity to a family friendly beach, this house is great for families and we have happily traded with many family who brought their small children.  This house is on a nice rural road great for biking, and there are some very nice new mountain biking trails that the state recently built right down the road.   Wilmington and the Ausable River are also famous for their world class fly fishing.

Wilmington is a small Adirondack town, with the biggest attraction being the Whiteface Mountain - the Olympic Mountain. It has the greatest vertical drop east of the Rockies and trails for every level and age. Whiteface Mountain is where the world's best go to train and compete. Remember to take in the the breathtaking view at the top of Whiteface, of the surrounding Adirondack peaks of New York. See Lake Champlain and Vermont. Take a deep Breathe, Point your skis downhill and go! 

Whiteface Mountain;
Base Elevation: 1,220'
Little Whiteface Elevation: 3,676'
Lookout Mountain Elevation: 4,000'
Highest Lift Terminus: 4,386'
Highest Skiable Terrain: The Slides at 4,650'
Peak Elevation: 4,867' 
Vertical Drop:
3,430 feet — The greatest vertical drop in the east
3,166 feet — Lift serviced vertical drop 
Number of Trails: 86 
Longest Run: Wilmington Trail at 2.1 miles (total skiing and riding over 22 miles) 
Skiable Acres:
283 including 35 in-bounds, off-piste double-black diamond wilderness terrain skiing on "The Slides" (conditions permitting) 53 acres of tree skiing 
In the fair weather months this is an ideal base for walkers, this house swap is also close to the many hiking trails of the Adirondack High Peaks. There are trails for all levels and ages, special trails for families with smaller children.

For more information on house swaps and how it works please visit  We would be delighted to help arrange your home exchange to these or any of our other great home exchange properties! 

Come and Home exchange between Lake Placid and Saranac Lake

In the heart of the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, is the village of Saranc Lake. The village is encircled by numerous beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes.  The village forms the historical, cultural and artistic hub of the Adirondack region. Situated between Tupper Lake and Lake Placid, it is just under three hours from NY City, Albany, Burlington, VT and Montreal, Canada.
All year round Saranac Lake plays host to a wonderful variety of events. Summertime brings exciting events in the Saranac lake area such as the Great AdirondackDays, and North America’s largest rugby tournament, Can-Am Rugby. When the snow arrives be sure to check out the First Night celebration, as well as the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, which is the oldest winter carnival in the eastern United States.
The Saranac Lake area has much to offer every member of the family. Whether you tour the studios and galleries downtown, explore the lakes, rivers and mountains of the surrounding Adirondack wilderness, or experience the wealth of history in the area, Saranac Lake is guaranteed to be a winner with all who visit it!

HomeExchange Property 0620  – Oseetah Lake

Beautiful Lakefront home swap in the Heart of the Adirondacks.  400 Feet of Waterfront with a Beautiful Southern Exposure Available much of the winter, MLK and Presidents’ Weekend, Winter Carnival, and also through March. March skiing is great at Whiteface, as the days are longer and the temperature warmer.  Late spring and summer dates may be available as the season approaches.

This homeswap is convenient to all the lakes and mountains of the Adirondacks. It is right on one of the regions longest chain of lakes, and is a great base for summer or winter visits. There are three full size canoes, two single person canoes, and a kayak by the dock

Saranac Lake has been named one of the most livable towns in the country, and has been designated an All America City.  The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, held between February 3-12th 2012 is the longest-running event of its kind in the eastern U.S. Celebrating its 114th anniversary this year, the Carnival began as a one-day event to break the monotony of the long Adirondack winter and has grown into a 10-day festival including sports, dances, performances, two parades and two sets of spectacular fireworks above the world-famous Ice Palace. Over the years, the Carnival has retained the warmth, charm and camaraderie of a community celebration.

Lake Placid is the East Coast’s capital of winter sports, home of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics.  It still has a wide array of Olympic sports venues, as the town is full of great restaurants and many shops.  There are hundred of hiking, snowshoeing and cross country ski trails in the area.  Whiteface Mountain is close by in Wilmington and has the largest vertical drop in the East.

For more information on these home exchange properties and their availability please visit Vacation Home Exchange and submit a trade request. We would be delighted to help arrange your home exchange to these delightful properties! 

Visit to Plettenburg Bay on the Garden Route, South Africa

 Now is the perfect time to explore South Africa's world famous Garden Route! Why not take a few days and enjoy this luxuryhome swap situated close to Pletternburg and which is available for home exchange  throughout the December holidays.

Described as the jewel of the Garden Route, Plettenburg really does offer something for everyone. For the animal lovers in your party, there are numerous attractions including the RobbergNature Reserve, the world's largest dome free flight aviary at Birds of Eden and the Plettenburg Game Reserve. For the more adventurous, motorbike tours or ocean safaris are within easy reach. And for those who simply want to take in the local environment, there are miles of golden beach, intriguing lagoons and towering forests.

When your day is done, you can retreat to this fabulous home exchange property which is ideally situated between the Bitou and Keurbooms River. Being right on the river the setting is serene and beautiful. See indigenous river birds from your patio or laze at the pool with the sound of the river close by. The estate houses tennis courts and a large swimming pool for your convenience.

This vacation home exchange has four bedrooms and a spacious open plan kitchen, dining and lounge area. There is also an outdoor dining area with barbeque and a separate barbeque in the front garden area.  There is a lovely sunny atrium and glass doors leading from the living areas creating an overflow overlooking the river. The rim flow pool is perfect for relaxing with the sound of the river close by. The bedrooms are spacious and well-equipped. The villa is serviced during the week which is included in your rate. This property is conveniently situated not far from town or Keurbooms.

About IVHE
If this has whetted your appetite to visit South Africa, please visit to get more information on this and many other amazing properties in the country, all of which are available for home exchange.

Home Exchange Anxiety... by IVHE Member

Our home swap to Florida

Pensacola Beach Exchange

The pleasures and advantages of home exchanging have been well documented but despite the clear benefits, many are still leery of the practice. We have been home exchanging for 25 years yet the concern from friends and acquaintances remains the same. It boils down to fear.

Great IVHE swap to Puerto Rico
People are afraid of going to an unfamiliar home, in an unfamiliar or even foreign place. People are even anxious about those who may be staying in their home. We have certainly experienced those feelings, so we have learned how to dispel the anxieties. Here we will specifically address going to someone else’s home.

First, you know the location, so do some further research. With Google Earth, it’s not difficult to pinpoint the home swap and its surroundings. You don’t have to depend on a possibly biased owner reporting their neighborhood is only “minutes from town” (beach, mall, etc.). You can verify the information. 
Our home exchange to Colorado

Secondly, there is the fear that you will arrive, possibly after dark, to a home you cannot gain access to. That key that was supposed to be
in the planter? Not there. Short of breaking in, you fear you will have to find a hotel for the night or even the week! In 25 years of home exchanging, this has never happened to us. Yes, the key wasn’t where it was supposed to be, but there are many solutions to this. Many times the home swap is in a development with an office. Be sure this office has been advised you will be in the property, and has your name on file. Even better if you have a name of an on-site employee who knows you are coming.

 If the residence is in a neighborhood or building, have the name and phone number of a neighbor who can let you in - often owners have given a key to someone nearby to pick up mail, water plants, check on the place while they are gone, frequently being absent longer than your planned stay. Another common tactic is to provide the phone number of a relative who lives in the same town and can similarly assist you. We have often been greeted on arrival by a friendly face bearing food for breakfast (since often you arrive after stores are closed, it’s a nice touch, but that’s another blog).

IVHE swap to Puerto Rico
There are other fears to address such as what if the residence is not as advertised, but space dictates we stop here. I’ll give you a hint: be flexible, you probably think your house is wonderful too, oh yeah, but sometimes
the plumbing is tricky…

By Tricia Noto owner of property 185

 Home exchanging is a fabulous way to save lots of money and to become immersed in other cultures and explore new corners of the world. It really is very easy! For more information on exchanges please visit to see a stunning selection of properties available for home exchange.

Great New Zealand Home Exchange

Our IVHE- home exchange to Property 595 - Sunny one level semi detached townhouse in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand

Aucland Home Exchange property 595
We were able to complete a vacation home exchange with our vacation property in British Columbia #489 for a house in Auckland for a week.
 We checked in to the Airport Holiday Inn Express and crashed for a few hours after the all night flight. Later we started exploring the coast on the west side of Auckland. The west coast was hilly and remote. The roads reminded me of the mountain roads in West Virginia. In addition to the beautiful scenery we saw a rare colony of gannets and the beach where “The Piano” was filmed. The townhouse was a great location where we could use public transportation to explore the sights around town.
 We toured the Winter Gardens and the nearby Auckland Museum. Kelly Tarleton’s Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World were great and we walked back to the house. We took a ferry to Devonport and hiked to the military structures and gun placements on North Head.

Once we had finished exploring the local sights, we picked up a rental vehicle and left Auckland and drove to the Coromandel Peninsula. On the west coast, we walked though the Water Works Museum where water powered each exhibit. Next we took a train ride up a mountain on a track that one man laid over the course of 26 years. It was quite a remarkable achievement. On the east coast we wanted to hike to Cathedral Cove, but a recent cyclone has destroyed the staircase, so we did a scenic hike to the Shakespeare Cliffs instead. After an enjoyable hike to Wentworth Falls, we visited an active pit open gold mine. We entered several abandoned gold mine tunnels in the Waitawhete Gorge; we found no gold, but the glow worms were in residence. In Hamilton, we spent several hours touring the majestic gardens. The 500 foot Wairere Falls sRotorua is a tourist town surrounded by geothermal activity. We went to a Maori hangi (feast) where we were fed pork, chicken and lot of other foods that were cooked in an underground pit. Their performance was both educational and entertaining. We visited a village buried by a volcano, hiked in a Redwood forest, and toured the Rotorua Museum. Further south, in Taupo, we hiked to Huku Falls and the Crater of the Moon. We saw Maori rock carvings while boating on Lake Taupo. We took a raft through a cave in Waitomo and saw thousands of glow worms, enough to illuminate the cave. At a nearby bird center, we saw kiwi birds and other native birds. We continued south to Wellington. We spent half a day in the TePapa Museum and still didn’t see all the “Must See” exhibits. On our second day in town, we took the cable car to the Carter Observatory and the Botanical Gardens.hould not be missed on the way to Rotorua.
Home Exchange property in Rotarua0598

 We finished our North Island tour with a drive along Wellington’s scenic south coast.

This was our first exchange with IVHE, location was very convenient, we could walk or take the city bus anywhere in Auckland. Cottage was well furnished and comfortable. Highly recommend this exchange programme to others. Don  - Owner of Property 489

 Home swap/trading to save $£$£$ on your vacation is a wonderful way to experience the world! money. It really is very easy! For more information on home exchanges please visit to see a stunning selection of properties available for home exchanges and trades.

Home Exchange - It’s Easy in 2 parts!

  Home Exchange Part 2

* Kitchen: It is not necessary to clear out all cupboards, indeed it is very useful for your guests if you leave some basics (eg flour, oil, dried herbs) in the kitchen for your home exchange guest to use. Remove or simply leave a note about items that you do not wish to be used. It is nice for your home swap guests to have a bit of space in a cupboard and fridge for their own food supplies.

* Make your home exchange guests feel at home: clearing a small space in the wardrobe and a drawer or two will make your guests stay much more comfortable and make your property feel like home.

* Local knowledge: a couple of recommendations for your favourite restaurants will get your home swap guest's vacation off to a flying start. Also useful are ideas for days out close to home, and useful contacts such as local pharmacy, doctors and plumber.

* Clean, clean, clean: the cleaner your property, the happier your guests will be! If you do not use a regular housekeeper or cleaner, remove as much clutter as possible and consider using a cleaning agency to give your property a thorough spring-clean. Guests should always leave the property in the same condition in which they found it even if there is a housekeeper coming in after them, leaving the property in nice tidy condition is expected.

* Vehicle insurance: if you are considering swapping cars, boats, ski-doo's etc check with your insurance company that they will be covered, some countries are fine for occasional other drivers to use vehicles, others are less so.

Home exchanging is a great way to save lots of money and experiencing different cultures and stepping into someone else's world!. For more information on exchanges please visit to see a stunning selection of properties available for home exchange. 

Home Exchange - It’s Easy in 2 parts!

 Part 1
 Once house swapping contracts are signed and both you and your exchange partner are ready to go, there are several ways to help make your home exchange as successful as possible. We all know how disorientating it can be trying to find your way around a new home so here are a few tips to make the home exchange process easier when exchanging your primary or non-rental property

* Communicate!: In these days of high speed communications you can build a relationship with your home swap partner well before the exchange or trade takes place. Regardless if you are doing a direct swap or a trade, or whether you will have the opportunity or not to meet in person, it makes a big difference if the host and the guests get to know each other a bit before the visits. Make sure your guests know important details such as how to get to your exchange property, where to find the keys and maybe a friendly local who can be on hand to answer any questions that might come up..

         *Make your guests feel at home: Small touches such as a pint of milk left in the fridge or a bunch of flowers will be much appreciated by your guests especially if they are arriving from a different country. Of course this is not always possible if it is a vacation property and the host has not just been there. Equally a thank you note or small gesture from the guest will also be very welcome.

* Leave instructions: It can be baffling trying to work out how to use other people's electrical appliances!

* Be prepared: Accidents can happen, it is sensible to put away breakable valuables or items with sentimental value so they cannot be accidentally knocked over.

More next week!!

Home exchanging is a fabulous way to save lots of money and to become immersed in other cultures and explore new corners of the world. It really is very easy! For more information on exchanges please visit to see a stunning selection of properties available for home exchange. 

Home Swap to Manistee, a Great Year Round Vacation Destination

Whatever your favourite type of holiday, whether you are an avid fisher, hunter, golfer, skier, or simply someone who enjoys being surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes, why not consider Manistee, a destination which truly provides something for everyone? Located along the shores of Lake Michigan this luxury home offers swimming, fishing, cycling and windsurfing within minutes. When you are ready to travel further afield, golf courses of every style abound within just a few minutes’ drive. If you choose to house swap during ski season you will find miles of groomed Cross County and snow mobile trails carved out of the Manistee National Forest just waiting for the winter sports fanatic! A nature-lover’s dream, the Huron-Manistee National Forests comprises nearly a million acres of public lands across the northern lower peninsula of Michigan. The Huron-Manistee National Forests provide leisure opportunities for visitors, habitat for fish and wildlife,
 and resources for local industry.

This thriving community holds regular events throughout the year including November's Sparkle in the Park, a Victorian sleigh bell event and dog sled racing. More information can be found here.  Manistee is truly a four season destination; do not miss this wonderful home exchange opportunity.

Designed by a noted architect, this luxury home available for house swap gives a Midwest twist to west coast architecture to optimize scenic views and capture Lake Michigan's famous breezes. The interiors provide a relaxing zen-like atmosphere with informal open spaces providing for relaxing, renewing times at the beach. A short path through the dunes leads to the beach. The home has 4 bedrooms, including 2 master suites, 4 full and 1 half bath, a large gathering room, multiple decks, an outdoor shower and a gas grill. The chef's kitchen has commercial style appliances, granite countertops and maple cabinets. The lower level has additional sleeping space, air hockey, a full bath and direct walk-out to the beach. The sunsets are amazing!

If this sounds like your dream location, visit for more information on this and other amazing vacation home exchanges! IVHE uses a unique credit system allowing for non-simultaneous exchanges allowing you complete freedom to choose any property from our stunning range. 

Looking to Ski Vail, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, A- Basin, Keystone or ............... ALL of THEM??

Why not stay in Frisco, Colorado situated right in the heart of Summit County? While it may look and feel charming, inside this town beats a heart of adventure! In Frisco you are ideally located just minutes away from world class skiing.  Your options include Breckinridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain, Vail, Beaver Creek and Arapahoe Basin.
International Vacation Home Exchange is featuring winter availability in this wonderful 2800sq ft home, located in Frisco, a town rich in history, charm and tourist activity. DON’T be put off by the idea of having to drive.  Being able to have all your ski gear in the back of the car makes getting to and from the slopes a breeze and parking is easy, allowing you to ski a different location every day! Free shuttle buses also make getting around very easy.
After a big day on the slopes come back and relax in the large hot tub on deck, or beside one of the two large fireplaces. The kitchen is well equipped for the vacation chef and numerous local restaurants can be found within easy walking distance. This house swap is situated near beautiful Lake Dillon, with easy access to hiking and biking trails, and pretty views all around. 
This home exchange offers plenty of space for a big family, with a lounge upstairs as well as a large TV room with big flat screen TV and comfortable sofas.  Peaceful creek noise and views are right outside your window.  It is situated in a quiet residential neighbourhood, but has the convenience of restaurants, supermarkets, and other stores located just minutes away. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to home swap in Frisco where a laid back, funky mountain attitude makes Main Street a truly unique experience.  After a day of skiing enjoy the great active nightlife in the many bars and restaurants long into the night!
Ski areas within easy reach


Breckenridge Mountain is 2358 acres and has 152 ski/ride trails and 29 ski lifts.  The Breck Connect gondola opened in 2007 and connects downtown Breckenridge with the Peak 7 and Peak 8 base areas. Breckenridge is a historic mining town and one of the most popular ski resorts in the United States.


Keystone Mountain is three mountains at one resort. Plenty of tree trails! There are 4148 acres for ski/ride fun, including 121 trails, 19 ski lifts, and two gondolas. 

A few miles past Keystone is A-Basin ski area.  "The Basin" is one of the oldest ski resorts in the country.  It's located at the continental divide and has awesome and unique terrain, mostly above tree line. The resort sometimes stays open for skiing into July! A-Basin stays open longer than the other resorts because early season snow making and its higher altitude. For more on the Basin, click Arapahoe Basin
All of this is an easy drive from Denver International Airport, 1-2 hours depending on the traffic!
If this sounds like an ideal destination for you, visit for more information on this and other luxury exchange properties including luxury-staffed villas, ski lodges boutique hotels, safari game lodges and even yachts!  A flexible credit system based on non-simultaneous exchanges gives members access to a stunning selection of luxury home exchange properties. Add to that highly individual and personal service we pride ourselves on and IVHE is the first choice for your luxury home exchange holiday. 

Home Swapping your Vacation Rental Property

Home Exchange with your RENTAL property

House swap your vacation rental property, it has even more up sides than house swapping your primary home. Just a few of them are detailed below:

Guilt free, spice to travel! 
By using your holiday rental property also as a home exchange property, no longer will you feel obliged to always visit your own property. By home exchanging you can vary your type of holidays- around the world. As an example you could ‘house swap’ your Hawaii beach property for a luxury house exchange  in  London, or maybe just ski someone else's mountain for a change.

Money saving: Home exchanging your vacation rental home means that your property can be used when otherwise it might be standing empty. Add to that the fact that home swaps are not subject to tax and you have extra $$$ in your pocket to spend on your next vacation!

Like-minded home exchange trade partners: Using a system such as IVHE means you will be home trading/exchanging with other second-property owners who understand your concerns and who will take care of your property as if it were their own.

Security: As well as the reassurance of having someone stay in your property, using a luxury home swap  service provides the peace of mind of professional house  exchange contracts, references on your guests and feedback.

Live like a local: Staying in someone's vacation home often provides insider information on your destination, such as favorite neighbourhood restaurants and local attractions that can't be found in any guidebook.

The personal touch: Luxury home trade /exchange sites like IVHE work hard to find the right properties and the right house swap for you and will actively search out properties to fit your requirements.

For more information on exchanging your rental property or for information on home swapping in general visit IVHE members have access to luxury-staffed villas, yachts, ski lodges, boutique hotels and even safari game lodges. A versatile credit system based on non-simultaneous exchanges gives members access to an increasingly broad selection of choice properties. Add to that highly individual and personal service given to all members, and IVHE is the first choice for luxury home exchange.

Tips For A Successful Home Exchange

Be Flexible
The easiest way make a house swap happen, especially last minute, is by being flexible with locations and dates.  Being open minded gives you a wealth of choices and you could end up somewhere exciting that you had never thought about.  Step into someone else’s lifestyle and let the world surprise you. 

Start Small
Start with the idea of a small party or immediate family and then, if you secure a bigger property, invite others to join you.  Big groups can get complicated because it limits possibilities and it can be difficult to find dates and locations that work for everyone.

Move Fast
To take advantage of last minute swaps for summer, timing is important.  If you find something available move fast to get your travel plans in place as you can't expect a host to have you pencilled in for long.  

Be Honest 
Take the time to create an accurate and telling description of your house and community.   Sell your location by sharing information on interesting things to do and see in your area that only the locals are aware of. 

Leave Instructions
Provide a notebook with operating instructions for the various appliances, electronics, and hardware around your home.  

Inform your Insurance Agent
Talk to your insurance agent about your exchange plans.  Most insurance companies are happy to know that a house won’t be left empty and guests will generally be covered under your policy, but it is always good to check.  

Find a reputable home exchange service
Home exchange services not only provide a forum to connect with fellow home exchangers, they can also provide a level of security.  International Vacation Home Exchange- IVHE, who specializes in Worldwide Luxury home exchanges, provides a detailed contract to protect both parties.   References are also required to become part of this private home exchange club and feedback is posted by members about their recent trades.  

About International Vacation Home Exchange- IVHE
International Vacation Home Exchange specializes in Luxury Vacation Exchanges.  With the addition of Dubai, Bequia, Phuket, and Cabo San Lucus, International Vacation Home Exchange now provides its members year-round access to luxury vacation homes on 6 continents and in 56 countries.  IVHE members have access to luxury-staffed villas, yachts, ski lodges, boutique hotels and even safari game lodges.  A versatile credit system based on non-simultaneous exchanges gives members access to an uncommonly broad selection of choice properties.  Add to that highly individual and personal service given to all members, and IVHE is the 1st choice for luxury home exchange.

A New Spin On The Age Old Home Swap

International Vacation Home Exchange- IVHE changes the way home exchange is done.  No longer must home exchangers coordinate schedules and destinations to take advantage of the cost savings of a home swap.  IVHE's non-reciprocal trading gives members the freedom to choose a location without the ties of a direct house swap.  Susie Magnus, founder of IVHE explains, “You can use another member's home even if they choose not to use your home, allowing for complete flexibility of dates and versatility of location.”

IVHE is based on a credit system that allows for non-simultaneous home swaps to any location that captures a member’s interest.  Each property is assigned a credit value based on its potential weekly rental income.  A luxury apartment in New York City, for example, may be given a higher credit value than a country cottage in France.  Home owners earn credits each time another member stays at their property.  The earned credits are then applied as payment when arranging an exchange with another member.  Properties do not have to exchange on a like-for-like basis providing greater and more interesting choices.  With the addition of Dubai, Bequia, Phuket, and Cabo San Lucus, International Vacation Home Exchange now provides its members year-round access to luxury vacation homes on 6 continents and in 56 countries.

IVHE provides a solution to the number one complaint of traditional home swaps: timing your holiday around someone else’s schedule. Julie, a member of IVHE says “getting credit for having a family stay in our vacation home and then using that to go wherever we want is the most innovative improvement on home exchanging since it was invented“.  IVHE specializes in the premium sector of the vacation and second property market, and provides members access to luxury staffed villas, yachts, ski lodges, city condos, boutique hotels and even safari game lodges.

Become a member of IVHE today and follow us on Facebook to take advantage of special vacation deals just for you!

Get away to Stratford, Ontario- Canada’s Premiere Arts Town

Stratford, Ontario is a charming Victorian city celebrated for its culture and character.  This internationally renowned arts town is alive with music, theater, and innovative cuisine.  The Victorian landscape and architecture of Stratford fills the town with charm and class.  Discover the perfect getaway while dining in world class restaurants and shopping the unique boutiques that border the Avon River.  

Located just a couple of hours from Toronto and the US, wonderful day trips are within your reach.  From Stratford, one can easily visit the historic village of St. Mary's, or larger cities like London, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Cambridge.  Many enjoy visiting the Amish and Mennonite regions around Millbank and St. Jacobs, and old colonial villages of Elora and Fergus.  The majestic and world famous Niagara Falls is also within reach. Strolling the dune spotted beaches of Pinery Provincial Park is also a must for visits during the spring, summer and fall.

As a member of IVHE- International Home Exchange, the Stunning and Luxurious Rundles-Morris House awaits you.  This 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath home was designed by the respected young Canadian architectural firm Shim-Sutcliffe, and was chosen as a "Record House" by Architectural Record in April 2002.  The house functions as a deluxe suite, with a living room, den bedroom, master bedroom and two bathrooms en suite, as well as a third 'powder room' bathroom off the foyer.  It has a fireplace in the living room, and wonderful views of the Avon River.  Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, is the latest of several notable guests to stay inside the Rundles-Morris House. 

Healthy breakfasts, consisting of local organic products are served daily.  Dinner may also be served in the house during restaurant hours.  With prime time offers or a 7+ night stay, the hosts the Rundles-Morris House, who travel the world exploring international cuisine, will treat you to lunch or dinner inside their restaurant.  Rundles Restaurant is the ideal venue for a festive, pre-theatre dinner, Rundles is light-hearted, summery, and formal to a degree. Its modern haute cuisine is layered, balanced, and full of harmonious flavours. Wines range from small, local, often unobtainable boutique selections to those of the great houses of Bordeaux. The service is gracious, gastronomically literate, and charming. Rundles' award-winning, modernist architecture and design are warmed by the humorous touches of Viktor Tinkl.  Complimentary airport chauffeur service to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport, is also available.  The above offers are for a maximum of 4 guests.  

IVHE Prime Time available from 25 July 11 to 1 August 11 for 42 credits.  Book this prime time and get 20% credits back when you travel.

International Vacation Home Exchange members have access to luxury-staffed villas, yachts, ski lodges, boutique hotels and even safari game lodges. The range of choice gives IVHE a unique position in the home exchange market. A versatile credit system based on non-simultaneous trades means members have access to an uncommonly broad selection of choice properties. Add to that highly individual and personal service given to all members, and IVHE is the 1st choice for home exchange. Sign up on and like our Facebook page to take advantage of special vacation deals just for you!

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