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Home Exchange - It’s Easy in 2 parts!

 Part 1
 Once house swapping contracts are signed and both you and your exchange partner are ready to go, there are several ways to help make your home exchange as successful as possible. We all know how disorientating it can be trying to find your way around a new home so here are a few tips to make the home exchange process easier when exchanging your primary or non-rental property

* Communicate!: In these days of high speed communications you can build a relationship with your home swap partner well before the exchange or trade takes place. Regardless if you are doing a direct swap or a trade, or whether you will have the opportunity or not to meet in person, it makes a big difference if the host and the guests get to know each other a bit before the visits. Make sure your guests know important details such as how to get to your exchange property, where to find the keys and maybe a friendly local who can be on hand to answer any questions that might come up..

         *Make your guests feel at home: Small touches such as a pint of milk left in the fridge or a bunch of flowers will be much appreciated by your guests especially if they are arriving from a different country. Of course this is not always possible if it is a vacation property and the host has not just been there. Equally a thank you note or small gesture from the guest will also be very welcome.

* Leave instructions: It can be baffling trying to work out how to use other people's electrical appliances!

* Be prepared: Accidents can happen, it is sensible to put away breakable valuables or items with sentimental value so they cannot be accidentally knocked over.

More next week!!

Home exchanging is a fabulous way to save lots of money and to become immersed in other cultures and explore new corners of the world. It really is very easy! For more information on exchanges please visit to see a stunning selection of properties available for home exchange. 


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