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What Ever You Call Home for Exchange

Seasons greetings fromIVHE-vacaton home exchange
Longhouse .. Cluster Home .. Garage Apartment .. Weavers' Cottage .. Cracker House
Hawksley BL8 Bungalow .. I-House …Laneway HouseQueenslander  ..Saltbox ..
Shotgun House .. Souterrain ..Tudor Revival.. Tuscan  .. Unity House ...Shop House


home exchange FAQ- kitchen

 Home Exchange Kitchen Tips: 

There is no need to clear out all cupboards for your home swap guests, in fact it is very nice and useful for your guests if there are some basics  like; flour, oil, dried herbs in the kitchen for your home exchange guest to use. 
Essentials should be included whenever possible, as you know from your own travels arriving somewhere with nothing in the cupboards is a bit of a pain, having to buy a kilo of sugar for a couple of cups of coffee. So for a cheap price but a very nice thing to do is have the basics there, sugar, salt, pepper, coffee, tea etc. 
Remove or simply leave a note about items that you do not wish to be used, best would be if you put them on a separate shelf, leaving at least 1 shelf for your guests own supplies, similarly items you leave in the fridge, please move them to a top shelf if you do not want them used and leave a note saying so. 
Do have look though the use by dates and though out any that have passed their prime. It is nice for your home swap guests to have a bit of space in a cupboard and fridge for their own food supplies. There is a general courtesy code of ‘replace what you use’ this does not mean going out to by the kilo of sugar to replace the few spoonfuls you have used, but if you have used a selection of things or a fair amount of something like olive oil, leave something for it, this may be the bottle of oil or a packet of coffee. 
A welcome pack is always very welcome or if possible ask your guest if there is a small shopping list that you can arrange for them, particularly well received by guest travelling long distances and from different time zones, a home exchange welcome pack could include; milk, bread, orange juice, eggs, butter.
Like the rest of the house, it is very important not to have too much clutter in the Kitchen, leaving a clutter free and clean kitchen is really important. Most kitchen appliances are fairly standard but it is worth leaving a folder with the instruction booklets as there are global differences, north American dishwashers tend to be big and quite simple, many US guest going to a small apartment in a European city could easily find themselves looking at a half size dishwasher with up to 10 programs! It is also fairly common for Europeans to have their washing machine in the kitchen, which should always have at least basic instructions included.
Some important things to have in your home swap kitchen, even a city pad that most guest would not be cooking a gourmet dinner in should have enough to make breakfast and light lunches/dinners in. Have a minimum plates, cups, glasses including vine glasses for the amount of guest that you property sleeps, having extra ones is even better.


Jungles, Jaguars, Jade and Jolly People

You will find more vacation home exchange opportunities in Costa Rica than in any other country in Central America. The reason is simple --  It’s a great place to own a tropical getaway home; and for many expat North Americans and Europeans, a great place to live or retire.

Aside from its natural beauty and impressive biodiversity, Costa Rica is a happy, healthy place to live. It ranked first place in the Happy Planet Index of human well being measured by the New Economics Foundation in 2009 and 2012.  Its standard of living is one of the highest of any Central American country. The literacy rate is 94.9%. It has the second highest life expectancy in the Americas – higher than the United States. To top it off, Costa Rica is a peaceful country with a stable democratically-elected government. It has not had a standing army for more than half a century. 

#0787: Costa Rica, Puntarenas --Home Swap Villa, four-bedroom luxury.
Costa Rica is not a big country. You can drive from its Pacific shore to its Caribbean coast in about three hours.  Although small, the country boasts five percent of the existing biodiversity in the world. Over 25 percent of Costa Rican territory is dedicated to conservation in natural parks, biological reserves, wildlife refuges, and a series of protected area that capture the attention of ecotourists and adventure travelers from around the world.

Costa Rica is a land of volcanoes, eleven to be exact; seven are active. The most awesome is Poas, 20 miles from the capital city of San Jose. Nearly a mile across, Poas has the largest active volcano crater in the world. You can hike to the crater’s edge, see a lake at the bottom of its slopes, and experience the uneasy thrill of knowing what power lies beneath it.

#0197: Costa Rica, Guanacaste --  Three bedroom home near the cloud forest
 The jungle -- its rain forests, waterfalls, and rivers – tumbles across the mountainous landscape westward to the Pacific Ocean and eastward to the Gulf of Mexico.   Pristine beaches separate the jungle from the sea. 
#0267: Costa Rica, Guanacaste, Liberia
  Private five-bedroom home swap
 If you like adventure, you can go zip lining through the jungle canopy in the company of howler monkeys, toucans, and macaws; or be adventurous at ground level on a rafting trip down a jungle river where you’re likely to see tapirs, sloths, manatees, river otters, all kinds of birds and reptiles, and, if you’re lucky, a jaguar.
#0704: Costa Rica, Guanacaste
 Three bedroom, gorgeous condo
International Vacation Home Exchange properties are located in four popular holiday regions of the country: Puntarenas, Guanacaste, Limon, and San Jose.

Puntarenas, in the central pacific region of Costa Rica, is a port town where cruise ships docks and passengers disembark to mingle with non-cruising vacationers for beach-front dining and shopping. Other boats dock there as well -- tour boats to take you to exciting places like Tortuga Island or Costa Rica’s exotic pacific islands; and charter boats to take you to unparalleled sports fishing

#0487: Costa Rica, Puntarenas
 Two bedroom condo near the beach
Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s northwestern province is a favorite with tourists who enjoy strolling on white sand beaches, exploring volcanoes and waterfalls in magnificent national parks, or dining and dancing with gusto in Tamarindo or Liberia -- Guanacaste’s two largest towns. Liberia is home to Costa Rica’s second international airport, where many visitors from abroad enter the country.
Limon Province encompasses the entire Caribbean coast, from Nicaragua to Panama. Here is where pristine beaches meet majestic mountains and prehistoric rainforests. Tortuguero National Park, in the northern half of the province, is a protected sea-turtle nesting area. You can observe turtles, and other wildlife in the park, from boats that cruise the area via water channels. For city life, head for Puerto Limon, the provincial capital where you’ll find of a variety of attractions, unique architecture, and beautiful 
San Jose, the capital city, is the cultural hub of the country with excellent museums, art galleries, restaurants, and bustling night life.  A visit to the Jade Museum presents a fascinating look at the world’s largest collection of Pre-Columbian jade art, some objects dating from 500 BC. Lush parks dot the area, among them Los Quetzales National Park, which covers three types of rainforest and 14 distinct ecosystems. The diversity of animals and brightly colored tropical flowers is amazing.
#0707: Costa Rica, San Jose' – Mountain meditation retreat
Explore your home swap opportunities in Costa Rica. Click on any of the properties shown, or visit for information on membership and how our cash-less concept can save you thousands in vacation trades to travel around the world.

Mike DiPrima

Good Photos Make Good Exchanges

Good Photos Make Good Exchanges

Photo source: flickr, Ralph Bijker
The Golden Rule for home exchangers is simple: Convince me through pictures that your property is special and I will do the same with mine.

As a guest, you want to SEE that where you might be spending your IVHE home swap credits and your precious vacation time is a place that will make you feel comfortable and at-home.

As a host, you want your potential guest to SEE the elements of your property that make it attractive -- intangible elements like ambience and vibe, and solidly real things like comfort, cleanliness, convenience, and scenery.

The Home Exchangers' Golden Rule applies to personal profile pictures as well. Many home swap members choose not to include them, but personal pictures are an important part of your listing. They give it personality and satisfy a natural curiosity. Show me your happy, smiling face and I'll show you mine. Hopefully, you will be able to tell that I am not a crack-smoking skinhead raver (credits-rich though I may be), and I'll be able to tell that you are not a Voodoo priest who might sacrifice chickens in my living room (even though you do have a verifiable telephone number).

How important is showing and not just telling? How important are pictures in your IVHE listing? They're critical. It may be time to take a second look at the photos you have posted.

Pretend for a moment that you are trying to sell your property and that you're working with a rather fussy real estate agent. She calls and wants to bring a client couple 'round to take a look. She reminds you again, for the hundredth time, to clean up the place, put things away, get rid of the clutter, open the shades, turn on the lights, make it look light and airy, and put the cat outside. You do all that  and, without being told, put out fresh flowers and fruit as a nice extra touch.

She arrives with the clients. As they approach your house, the agent remarks, "Look at this stunning view" as she gestures at the vista before them. Then she turns to the house and says, "Isn't this architecture amazing?" and comments in glowing terms on the exterior. As they enter the front door, she'll say something like, "Oh my, can't you just feel the love?" The tour of the house begins, and she grows more breathless in each room. The living room, the kitchen, the bathrooms, the patio -- she encourages her clients to envision themselves in each room, and damn near passes out when they get to the master bedroom.

Take your photo tips from the way a real estate agent shows a house. Stage your shots for the best appeal, and include the view, the exterior, bedrooms, bathrooms, lounge areas, kitchen -- the more you show the more assured your prospect will feel.

Quality images, high resolution, will showcase your property beautifully. Use a professional photographer, if possible. It will be well worth the cost. Or, if you are handy with your own camera and savvy about lighting and composition, go for it. Check the images on your computer and upload the best ones to your IVHE home exchange listing. Use captions to describe if you think they're necessary.

To edit your photos, log into the members area of the IVHE home swap site, click on your property, then - Edit - Photos - choose a File - Upload. Once they are in, they can be dragged and dropped into any order.

If you wish to add a personal profile picture, you can chose to have it viewed by the public, by IVHE members only, or just by those members you are communicating with regarding an exchange or trade.  

The old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" is oh so true. Pictures speak for themselves without embellishing the truth. What you see is what you get. And isn't that the kind of honesty you want when you engage in a home exchange?

If you are not a member of the International Vacation Home Exchange and would like to learn more, go to and picture the possibilities.

Luxury Home Exchange and home swap- how it work

Simple Video Explaining Home Exchange Systems

Wouldn't it be great to have holiday homes all over the world rather than just one in the same old place? Well, with IVHE swap system you can have just that! No, we’re not suggesting you go out and buy more properties. In fact you don’t need to spend any more money, just put the value of your current vacation home to better use.

Unlike conventional home exchanges, IVHE allows you to trade holiday homes without the need for both parties to swap at the same time or with each other. It also gives you the flexibility to trade up to a larger home, or a more exotic location.
Home Exchanging really is a simple way of saving thousands on your vacations. a simple explainer video on the different types of home swap options that you can chose from.
Just imagine turning your one wonderful vacation /second property into thousands of options around the world, with home exchanging and trading you can do just that.

Take a look at Also, check out our membership options, low costs, and the benefits of our credits-based system of home exchanging.

Great vacation home exchanges, go peninsular


Baja is a peninsula that hangs off the northwest shoulder of Mexico like an arm reaching down for the Tropic of Cancer. It stretches south -- with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other -- until it touches the Tropic some 700 miles away. It is a land of mountains and deserts; but with over 1900 miles of coastline, it also presents spectacular beaches, bays, islands and, of course, resort communities that attract vacationers from around the world, including home swappers.

Photo source: fleckr, V. Litvinov
 The peninsula is divided into two states, each with its own popular vacation destinations. They both share abundant opportunities for boating, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, building castles in the sand … and building castles in the sky.
 Baja California Sur, the southern state on the peninsula, boasts the cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, collectively known as Los Cabos. They are only 18 miles apart and share a common airport, but they each offer a distinctive vibe for visitors.  Cabo San Lucas is more of a city than a town, with trendy shops and swinging nightlife. San Jose del Cabo is more of a town than a city, with the quaintness and charm of old Mexico.
North of Los Cabos,   between the mountains and the sea, is a small village not as renown as Los Cabos, but with a big reputation for hospitality – Barriles. If any kind of water sport is your favorite vacation activity, Barriles is your kind of place.  World class big game fishing tops the list.
Luxury home exchange mexico

 IVHE Swap Property #0024      Cabo San Lucas.                         
Would you prefer a secluded private beach or a curvy pool in a lavish garden? The choice of sunning spots is yours. Views of the Pacific, the Sea of Cortez, or the town of Cabo San Lucas?  How about all three?  This one bedroom home exchange suite on the top floor of Finisterra’s Palapa Beach Club offers a combination of  first-class amenities, incredible views, a sense of serenity, and walkable access to the city, the marina, and the famous Los Arcos rock formation.

Exclusive exchanges for home swappers Home Exchange Property #0406:
ondo, San Jose del Cabo.

Luxurious, spacious t
wo bedroom/three-bath condominium situated on a golf course with a spectacular view of the Sea of Cortez. Six other world class golf courses are within a 10 minute drive. Three swimming pools, a tennis court, and a health and fitness spa are all part of the package. Walk to town and explore the delicious sights, sounds, and flavors of Old Mexico.

exchange and trade to travel with

IVHE Home Exchange Property #0606
Two-bedroom Contemporary Home
This architect designed exchange home is fully walled and gated for complete privacy. Within the walls you will find resort style gardens with a swimming pool, fountains, and lush landscaping. When you’re ready for the ocean, your host can help arrange excursions and boat charters for big game fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphin or whale watching, as well as rentals for ATVs and jet skis.

Baja California (Norte) – This northern state features two vacation destinations popular with home exchange visitors  -- Rosarita on the Pacific, just 30 minutes south of San Diego, and San Filipe on the Sea of Cortez,

Rosarita sits in an area known as The Gold Coast.  In addition to the draw of the sea and surf, Rosarita attracts visitors with theatre, art galleries, wine tasting, and sophistication. It is one of the wealthiest, most developed areas in Mexico.

San Filipe is a lovely little town that’s all about laid-back living. It holds events and happenings year ‘round, including a salute to tequila, and a Welcome-Back-Snowbirds festival with food and entertainment.  

How IVHE home swap is simpleIVHE Home Swap Property #0788:
     Ocean front  condo, Rosarita

This modern, comfortable, convenient 
two-bedroom unit in Club Marena for home swaps, a world class resort, is sure to deliver a first-class vacation experience. Enjoy a cocktail on the spacious balcony, a dip in the pool, a swing on the tennis courts,  a burn in the exercise room, a sigh in the spa, and the peaceful sound of the surf.  The shops, restaurants and other attractions of  Rosarita are a short drive away. 

Oceanfront home exchange Mexico
 Home Exchange Property #0789:
Oceanfront home, San Filipe

A private home for exchange, away from the crowds, set in the privacy of over one acre of oceanfront property.  Just you and the pelicans enjoying peaceful lazy days, walks on the beach, soft white sand,  beautiful sunrises over the Sea of Cortez, and brilliant sunsets over the desert mountains.  

IVHE Vacation Home Exchange has mucho other properties in Mexico and around the world. Take a look at Also, check out our membership options, low costs, and the benefits of our credits-based system of home exchanging.

Hasta la vista!

Typhoon devastation in the Philipines

An IVHE-Home Exchange Hero Needs Your Help
Home exchange beach house Philippines

The northern part of Cebu island in the Philippines is picture-postcard beautiful -- azure sea, stately palms, tranquility everywhere. IVHE guests at Eva’s beach house would sit out on this deck, sip a drink, and watch the pelicans fly by. It didn’t get much better than this.

It’s hard to imagine that a monstrous typhoon of unheard-of magnitude would come roaring in from this peaceful sea and lay waste to practically everything in its path.

The roof of Eva’s beach house was ripped away in the first hour of the typhoon.  Water damage was extensive. Eva’s loyal caretakers, Raul and Rosalie, lost their home completely.

The storm surge was tsunami-like in its destruction. The fishing village nearby was literally flattened. Death and injury were widespread. Most of the survivors (many friends of Eva's) have been left homeless and desperately in need of help.
Eva is doing more than her share. She helping organize a food relief effort that has kept 60 families from going hungry. Emergency medical and shelter needs are her next priorities.   Eva plans to keep up her effort for as long as it takes. She is an inspiration to us all.  
IVHE home exchange is helping by donating 20 percent of its new membership fees to Mercy Corps, a global charitable organization already hard at work in raising funds and supplies to assist the storm survivors and local responders like Eva.  Prospective new IVHE home exchange members can make it happen by simply entering MCHELP in the promo box when they sign up. Mercy Corps is a charity you can trust, ranking among the top in accountability and transparency.
If you are an existing member and would like to help Eva's fishing village to rebuild their homes and lives, you can make a donation via IVHE vacation home exchange by emailing

Eva will rebuild. Help others do the same. And thank you.

A ground-transportation question:

To drive or not to drive?

Cannes, South of France home swap
IVHE- home exchange property listings show whether a car is needed, whether one would be useful, and whether one is available to the guest. More often than not, a car will be needed or at least useful. But the exceptions can be awesome.

A car is not required in many IVHE home swap locations because the property is centrally- located in a pedestrian-friendly city,  or is efficiently served by public transportation -- subways, metros, trolleys, trams, buses, taxis, tuk-tuks, or rickshaws.  

Home Exchange Property #0228: France, Cote d'Azur – A luxury apartment in the heart of Cannes on Rue d’Antibes – one of the city’s hottest shopping streets. You don’t need a car to get there, and you don’t need one to get around. Restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas, the theatre, train and bus stations are all in walking distance, as is the famous seafront promenade La Croisette, where you’ll find more shopping  -- high end luxury items and designer clothes – and an ocean view that would be amazing if the huge numbers of impressive yachts weren’t so distracting.
Home exchange property#0749 -- Walk to the gondola from this cool condo in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA. Ski in at the end of the day; then walk to the restaurants, bars, and nightlife of main street for apr├Ęs ski par excellance.   If you want to try the slopes of nearby Copper Mountain or Keystone for a change, free bus service is available. For a car-less trip all the way, take a fare-based shuttle bus in from Denver International Airport and back again.

Get away from it all with IVHE home exchange
Home swap property #0806 – You couldn’t drive a car to this luxurious cottage in Ontario, Canada, if you wanted to. It’s on an island in a lake and only accessible by boat.  Civilization – shopping, restaurants, and golf – are just a short boat ride away, if you like that sort of thing. Perfect for an executive retreat or family vacation.
One of the sweetest deals you can get through an IVHE home exchange is use of a vehicle for a few extra credits; or, in some cases, no credits at all. A host-provided car saves you the hassles of dealing with a rental car company, but you will still need to check out insurance and license requirements, and any special rules of the road -- like braking for kangaroos.
Luxury home exchange property # 0549: This award-winning beach house in New South Wales, Australia, comes with a 2008 Landrover Defender with 4wd for no extra credits.

Okay, if you’ve fallen in love with a property for which a car is necessary, it’s time to say “car hire,” or “car rental.”  However you say it, it can still be a pain in the bumper seat.

 Be sure to shop around on-line and compare more than just rates before you book. Delve into the terms and conditions and know what is, and what is not, covered by your personal auto insurance and your personal credit card or bank card in the event of an accident or damage to the car.
Then, when you get up to the rental counter and the agent launches into his spiel about the dire consequences of smashing the car without having paid extra for Collision Damage and Loss Damage waivers (picture shackles in a medieval dungeon), you can confidently say “no thank you,” or you can go ahead and sign up for the extra protection you know you might need. When in doubt, sign up. A medieval dungeon is a terrible place.  

Be sure to inventory any dings and dents on your car, and have the agent make note of them before you drive off.

And, finally, don’t be a fuel fool. Rental companies in some countries offer you the “convenience” of returning the car without refueling; that is, return it and they will fill ‘er up for you. And charge you way (double way) more than the going price. If you have the option of returning the car with a full tank that you pump yourself, take it. If you don’t, rent from someone who does.  The savings can be significant.
If you have any helpful advice or vacation experiences involving cars, or no cars, please share them with us in the comments section of this blog. We're all ears.

Enjoy your vacation quarters and ground transportation, whatever it may be.
Wishing you a smashing holiday – in a good way.

To find out more about properties in the International Vacation Home Exchange, and how to get to them.  Visit us at

Say g'day to an IVHE holiday in southeastern Australia


Photo Source: flickr, Eric Kilby
Vacationing down-south down-under usually means heading for Victoria or Tasmania, two of the most picturesque and inviting states in the country.
But if you’re from the northern hemisphere, there are a few seasonal things to keep in mind before you start packing. It’s warm in December, so beach and resort wear are musts.  July is chilly; don’t forget a few woolies and hoodies. Autumn leaves fall in April; pack a few tweeds with your Easter bonnet. And the glory of spring, and the return of short sleeves, arrives at last in September. Forget the pumpkins.Regardless of the season, Australia is wonderfully different – doubly so for Victoria and Tasmania. Make your holiday base of operation one of IVHE’s vacation home exchange homes, apartments, cottages, boutique hotels, or
B & B's, and you’ll set yourself up for a southern vacation you’ll never forget.

Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, is a vibrant metropolis of almost 4 million people. It’s bursting with style, culture, outstanding restaurants, great shopping, and Aussie friendliness. Its parks and tree-lined boulevards blend graciously with impressive buildings and modern skyscrapers.

Photo Source: flickr, Kay Adams

IVHE home swap boutique hote
Victoria At Large brims with things to see and do. Outside of Melbourne you can taste wine at prominent vineyards, explore mountainous national parks and ski areas,  take in the beauty of scenic coastal drives, and enjoy the charm of quaint small towns.
Photo Source: flickr, CucombreLibre

 Start your IVHE home exchange Victorian holiday in any of these homes, cottages, apartments or check all home exchange properties 
Cottage house swaps Australia
Secluded stone cottage swap in
the forest: #0391 
Love home swaps Australia
Luxury hilltop home overlooking
Home exchange Victoria, Australia
Country cottage in historic
gold mining township to swap: #0576

Exclusive exchanges with IVHE
Country home exchange-
vineyard and ocean: #0596

 Australia’s island state in the south, has much to write home about: majestic mountains, magnificent lakes, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, forests, and picture-postcard towns like Hobart and King Island.
Boutique hotel home swaps Tasmania
Boutique hotel in Tasmania for luxury exchange: #0605
 If you are not a member of International Vacation Home Exchange and would like to learn more about money-saving ways to vacation in style, click here for information on membership and how home exchange works at

Home Exchange to Save thousands on Weddings

Home Exchange Ideas
Exclusive home exchanges with IVHE
For the Father of the Bride

As the father of the bride, you are not only giving up your daughter at the alter,  you are also giving up a sizable amount of cash. The venue, the ceremony expenses, the reception expenses, ca-ching, ca-ching.

 You’ve made your vacation home available to guests through the IVHE- Home exchange community on many occasions. The credits have been building up in your account.  Why not apply them to a luxury wedding venue for your daughter’s wedding. And save money. Not a member? Find out how you can save thousands with IVHE vacation home exchange.

Depending on the size of your wedding party, an IVHE luxury home, boutique hotel, resort property, or villa may be ideal for both the ceremony and the reception.

Let’s say you did a property search on IVHE’s web site and found this wonderful boutique hotel in Devon, England ( #0591).   It may or may not be close to home, but what a fabulous place for a wedding. With 12 double-bed units and four junior suites, it can accommodate the wedding party, parents, grandparents, and a few special guests – 32 total. It has a gorgeous garden for an outdoor ceremony and excellent space for a fun-filled reception.

 The credits come from your IVHE account, and nothing comes from your wallet.

Huddle with the bride and groom about holding the wedding close to home, at a nearby but different kind of location. If you live in the city, a nice bucolic setting would be a charming change of pace. Or, if you live in a small or rural town, holding the ceremony in or near a big city may be just the ticket. Family and friends can take advantage of cultural and entertainment events they can’t find at home.  

Home Exchange Property #0670: USA, Florida (near Miami)

If you really want something different, you and the soon-to-be newly weds may want to consider a destination wedding – a romantic spot where a wedding and a vacation for the wedding party can be rolled into one. Smaller weddings work best here. These two properties are among several other extraordinary IVHE listings with wedding potential:

Home Exchange Property #0363: India, Goa, Majorda

Exclusive home swap with IVHE
For over 400 years, until 1961, Goa was a Portuguese province. The European cultural influence is everywhere from its architecture to its Christian churches to its old colonial homes such as this -- Vivenda dos Palhacos in the village of Majorda. Completely renovated and totally charming, Vivenda dos Palhacos is off the beaten path yet within walking distance of a peaceful beach fringed with palm trees -- the longest beach in Goa. Sunsets over the ocean here are amazing.

Luxury home swaps with IVHE
AMANSALA is set on a stunning part of the beach in Tulum, Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula. Its village-like setting consists of 24 spacious, well designed beachfront cabanas, as well as a selection of beautiful garden cabanas; ideal for a tropical wedding or personal getaway.

IVHE offers a travel research service to Platinum Members that,  either directly or through the property host,  can put you in contact with local wedding coordinators and suppliers.

Honeymoon Suite

If the kids have opted for a modest wedding close to home, you can still apply your IVHE credits toward something fabulous – a stay at an exciting location as a honeymoon gift.
Luxury Home Exchange with IVHE
Any amount of credits can be used by family or friends to choose any home exchange property the credits will buy. But you, as the IVHE member,  have to request the exchange, let the host know and assure the host that your guests will treat their property like you would, as you would be responsible at all times.

Membership in IVHE as a wedding gift

In lieu of a splashy wedding,  or a honeymoon to an exotic place, you can give the newly weds a membership in IVHE as a wedding gift.  You will receive five (5) free credits for generating a new member (a referral ) worth $500 of vacation home exchange time, and your daughter and whatzizname also receive five (5) credits to launch their own IVHE-home exchange experience. When they make their  first trade, you will get another bonus of 50 percent of  the trade’s credit value.

For more information on possible wedding venues, honeymoon suites, and membership, click us at  Here’s to the father of the bride -- a resourceful man, indeed.

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