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Typhoon devastation in the Philipines

An IVHE-Home Exchange Hero Needs Your Help
Home exchange beach house Philippines

The northern part of Cebu island in the Philippines is picture-postcard beautiful -- azure sea, stately palms, tranquility everywhere. IVHE guests at Eva’s beach house would sit out on this deck, sip a drink, and watch the pelicans fly by. It didn’t get much better than this.

It’s hard to imagine that a monstrous typhoon of unheard-of magnitude would come roaring in from this peaceful sea and lay waste to practically everything in its path.

The roof of Eva’s beach house was ripped away in the first hour of the typhoon.  Water damage was extensive. Eva’s loyal caretakers, Raul and Rosalie, lost their home completely.

The storm surge was tsunami-like in its destruction. The fishing village nearby was literally flattened. Death and injury were widespread. Most of the survivors (many friends of Eva's) have been left homeless and desperately in need of help.
Eva is doing more than her share. She helping organize a food relief effort that has kept 60 families from going hungry. Emergency medical and shelter needs are her next priorities.   Eva plans to keep up her effort for as long as it takes. She is an inspiration to us all.  
IVHE home exchange is helping by donating 20 percent of its new membership fees to Mercy Corps, a global charitable organization already hard at work in raising funds and supplies to assist the storm survivors and local responders like Eva.  Prospective new IVHE home exchange members can make it happen by simply entering MCHELP in the promo box when they sign up. Mercy Corps is a charity you can trust, ranking among the top in accountability and transparency.
If you are an existing member and would like to help Eva's fishing village to rebuild their homes and lives, you can make a donation via IVHE vacation home exchange by emailing

Eva will rebuild. Help others do the same. And thank you.


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