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Restaurant costs eating into your vacation budget? Vacation Home Exchanging with IVHE is the solution

When you’re on vacation, food and drink can be one of the biggest expenses, thanks to pricey room service, marked-up restaurant meals and tips. After all, it’s not like you can skip meals altogether – even if you did fill your plate up four times at the hotel breakfast buffet! 

By enjoying a vacation home exchange with IVHE, not only do you save a fortune on accommodation, but you never have to worry about forking out handfuls of cash for food when you don’t want to.

Most vacation home exchange properties come with full kitchens equipped with ovens, stoves, refrigerators and microwaves. The perfect example of this is home exchange property #0559 – the kitchen here comes with everything you could ever need to cook your favorite meals on vacation and save you money. Some of the kitchens even come complete with extra mod cons, such as smoothie makers and waffle irons so you can enjoy a fancy restaurant-style breakfast without even changing out of your pajamas. 

As well as being a fantastic way to save money whilst on vacation, cooking meals at home is also a top method of teaching your little ones about the importance of healthy eating, a great way to impress that special someone with your cooking skills or even a method of ensuring you’ll get your dinner cooked just how you like it. 

Many of the IVHE home exchange properties also feature stunning BBQ areas where you can gather around and chill out whilst enjoying the wonderful smoky aromas wafting over from the grill. Vacation home exchange property #0775 has a stunning BBQ area with plenty of comfy furniture for relaxing. During summertime you don’t want to be stuck inside a stuffy restaurant when you could be enjoying a perfectly grilled steak alongside a glass of your favorite wine under the stars – all for a fraction of the price, too. 

If you like to splash out on holiday and you’re not concerned with saving money then cooking meals at your IVHE home swap property will allow you to enjoy bigger and better nights out during your vacation. By cooking a meal or two at home instead of dining out at a restaurant, you’ll be able to save enough money to visit that hot new nightclub you spotted on the first day or visit the theatre for a cultural evening. 

When you take into consideration the cost of food, vacations can get terribly expensive and whilst room service is certainly convenient, extortionate hotel prices, tips, delivery fees and the all-too-easy hotel mini bar can add unforeseen and unwanted costs onto your vacation bill. As such, an IVHE vacation home exchange property gives you the opportunity to take advantage of cost-saving facilities – such as a gourmet kitchen – which you just won’t find in a hotel.


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