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Home Exchange on Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Change of Scenery

Mothers Day, Mothering Day, Dia de las Madres, Mama’s Day – however you say it, it’s coming up in May in most parts of the world, and unless you want to live with wrenching guilt for another year, it is a day not to be ignored. 

Property #0647 -- Devon, England
Working mothers and stay-at-home moms both deserve a day of recognition and bit of time off.  Empty-nester moms -- for all they’ve done to prepare you for the world and set you free -- deserve quality time with you and your family.  And grand mums, God bless ‘em  for all their cuddly love, deserve more than a greeting card. 

A Mother’s Day vacation at a home exchange would be a nice accompaniment to a bouquet of roses.   It doesn’t have to be in an exotic location. A get-away place close to home would thrill mom all the same. But someplace she’s always wanted to go, or someplace that holds a special memory from days past, would be an outstanding tribute to a woman who holds a special place in your heart.  So what would be a good vacation for your mom?

If she is sedentary but still in pretty good shape physically, take her to a place where there are activities that will get her up and going.  Bungee jumping and parasailing, probably not. Swimming, fishing, beachcombing, golf, sailing, and biking are possibilities. Maybe even zip-lining. It’s really quite safe, and thrilling for almost any age.
If she enjoys good food, she might like a tour of vineyards and wineries or cooking classes. If she is a multi-tasking maniac, she needs, and will oh-so-appreciate, a yoga retreat or a pampering spa. If she enjoys the theater,
Property # 0757 -- Malaga, Spain
classical music, opera and ballet, most large metropolitan cities offer these in spades.

You know your mom best.  Pick a destination from the International Vacation Home Exchange property search, then sort by number of bedrooms or number of guests. You can also view collections of property types. Many of our Boutique Hotels, Resorts, and Bed and Breakfast accommodations are particularly suited for carefree stays with mom and family.

Then check out the description of the property, its amenities, and activities available in the area and see what might be appropriate for your mom. If she uses a walker or wheelchair, disabled-friendly accommodations are noted.  For special help in this area, contact IVHE for assistance.

 Membership in the International Vacation Home Exchange is ideal for vacation home owners looking for ways to utilize their property in addition renting. Check us out at  and click WHO WE ARE and HOW IT WORKS.

For information and additional pictures of the properties featured above, click on the property #.  And wish your mom a happy day.

Blogsmith: Mike DiPrima


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