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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

 – guest blogger Natalia Robert

As a vacation property owner, you want your message to stand out from the clutter of voices online, as well as to create an oasis that will bring people back to you repeatedly. Not sure where to start? Here are some helpful tips for creating enticing images for your listings, and for creating a welcoming environment that will keep vacationers coming back to you every year!

1. Less is more. A vacation home needs to be a space that a family or couple can customize for themselves in a short amount of time. Anything that personally applies to you, such as personal photos, correspondence, or extra knick-knacks, will only get in the way of a vacationer's experience.

2. Give your space some personality! While you want to clear out personal clutter, you do want to keep decorative touches that maintain a theme throughout your space. For seaside properties, for example, a nautical theme is popular because it accentuates the location that is so desperately sought after by vacationers. Be sure to keep decor light and neutral so as to avoid making it feel dark and somber. For pops of color and contrast, consider accent pieces like pillows or light fixtures in strong colors.

3. Lighting, lighting, lighting. Nobody wants to walk into a vacation home and feel like they've walked into a cave. Accent lights throughout create a sense of warmth and brightness, and are welcoming to guests. Be sure to have lights directed towards corners or any unique architectural features.

4. Show off the best assets. Decorate around the property's best features. Does your property have spectacular views? Make sure all windows and glass doors are clean and well-functioning! Is the kitchen stocked with appliances? Include accessories in the kitchen to encourage cooking family meals.

5. Put yourself in their shoes. When planning out finishing touches for your guests, walk through what a typical day for them might be like. This will also help when filling in details of your listing, as well as when you guide the photographer as to what photos are needed to properly show off all the wonderful amenities.

6. Have fun with it! Don't forget kids and pets. Vacations often involve kids, and lots of families these days enjoy bringing their pet along for a trip. Consider toys and accessories for children or pets! Extra accessories like baby wipes, a rubber ducky for the tub, or a doggy treat can all make a big impact and help to bring those guests straight back to you next year.

7. Invest in photos. Be sure to have an experienced professional do photos for your listing. Listing photos are what grab the attention of potential renters, so be sure to use the slots in your listing wisely! These images will be used repeatedly to book your property, investing a bit of your budget in quality photos will pay for itself almost immediately.

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Natalia Robert's Bio:
As a San Diego based architectural photography business, serving both local and international clientele, founder and lead photographer Natalia Robert brings her background as an architectural designer forward to produce luxurious images that create a sense of warmth and culture. Natalia has lived and worked in three continents and her work can be seen in venues such as AirBnB, San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyle, TEDxSanDiego events, countless small business websites and family home walls. Today, her furry co-pilot, Daisy, inspires a daily sense of wanderlust while serving as a reminder of how valuable it is to maintain a sense of HOME.


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