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Power Up for Home Exchange

*      Traveling today means packing a spaghetti bowl of electrical supply cords for our mobile / cell phone, tablet / iPad / Kindle, digital camera, iPod.... the list goes on.  The good news with home exchange is that often the the host will have the household essentials available for you to use, so packing some of the electrical cords is simply not necessary. Many homes have a iPod dock and charger, hair dryers, and certainly most kitchen necessities.  Always good to send your host a quick note to verify what they have available. *spaghetti luggage tag from Zazzle 

For those necessary items that you need to recharge, it is important to know what 
electrical power and sockets are going to be at your destinations around the world.  If you plan on bringing your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc. you will want to be able to charge them while on vacation.  This helpful info-graphic will assist you on the types of sockets around the globe.  Most airports and travel shops certainly sell adapters to meet your needs.   Hopefully we have got you charged up to travel.


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