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Local Attractions: Promoting Your Property.

Did you know on every IVHE listing there is an option to show and view local attractions on a map?  

When planning to visit a property view the map tab (see image) at the top of the listing page.  More and more of our members are adding interesting information for guests to see before visiting.  If you don't see information on the map, email the owner and ask if they can update their information. 

As an owner, you can show where key locations are in relation to your property; these might include museums, shops, restaurants, activities or even airports.  

In your Member’s area under Property Listing click on MAP, you will see how easy Google Maps are to use.  For an example of a member that has added many local attractions view here then click on the ‘map’ tab.   If you would like any assistance in building up your map profile, email us.  Update your map, share some of the great features around your home and look forward to getting more information on places you will visit in the future.   

By adding interesting information to your listing you will gain more interest in your property, thus leading to more trades and travel for you! 


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