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Car Rental - What to consider and 10% discount!

Things to Consider when Renting a Car  
There is nothing quite like the freedom of exploring new roads on vacations or road-trips in your personal rental car. When public transport can become restricting and frustrating, we are often left feeling like we've missed out on precious vacation time. Renting a vehicle can enhance your journey, and allow you and your family to feel much more comfortable. However, there are several important factors to consider when you decide to rent a car to make sure everything goes to plan.
Consider an Upgrade or Add-on: Whether you're traveling alone or with a large group, certain optional extras can minimize the potential for wasted time and hassle. If you have plenty of destinations in mind, or are simply just bad at navigating, GPS add-ons can be a life saver. Baby and booster seat upgrades can also prove helpful when bringing along children and this means you don't have to bother bringing your own from home. Unlimited Mileage packages provide supreme freedom, whilst specific services can tailor each hire car to your needs.
Share the Driving Experience: On road trips or cross-country travels, being the sole driver can burn you out pretty quickly. Additional Driver policies with your rent a car allow you to share long-distance burdens with friends and family. This useful extra can also allow you to divide the thrilling road trip experience with someone else, especially when your rental car is fast and thrilling.
* Make sure you are Protected: Driving a car that has been previously used to a high extent can be a daunting option. Whereas many new vehicles come fully equipped with important safety features, you can never quite be sure if your rental car is suitable. Make sure your customer service advisor goes through your car's past life and safety features for peace of mind. Unlike many other rental car companies, Sixt replaces each vehicle with the newest model after six months.

* Don't Forget Insurance: If anything was to go wrong on your vacation, repairs can end up costing you a fortune. When booking your rental car make sure you are informed of each insurance policy, what it covers and how much it costs. Having the correct insurance can save you plenty of time and money if unfortunate accidents do happen. Some rental companies seem cheap initially yet this is because insurance costs are not included; research into these options to avoid nasty surprises.
* Have the Right Documents: Some rentals require you to pay with credit card, and proper documentation such as return flight itinerary and driver's licenses are mandatory. Ensure you have all you need before booking and picking up your car rental to avoid disappointment on your travels. When returning your vehicle, it is important to remember to fill the tank beforehand as you will be charged extra if not.
If you're looking to improve your next trip with the addition of a rental car, choose Sixt for a stress-free and satisfying rental experience. With a selection of useful services, large fleet of top quality cars and 10% discount, renting a car with Sixt is made affordable and easy.


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