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Cool New Travel Products

There are travel-related products available online that can make your vacation and the travel to and from your destination a bit easier, just like walking down “Easy Street.”  These products can help keep you safe, dry, warm and connected.
Here’s a quick look at some of the more interesting and innovative products to try:

A small, yet versatile Color-Coded Adapter from Flight001 will make finding and using the right adapter as easy as knowing four different colors:  Traveling to Sweden, Russia or Poland? You’ll need the green piece. Heading to USA, Brazil or China? You’ll need the blue piece. The adapter works in 150 countries. Cost: $25

A versatile Women’s Jacket that is lightweight, windproof, waterproof, breathable and stylish is hard to find! This “Vassan” style from Penfield fits the bill. It comes in an array of colors and has tons of pockets and a hood. This is the type of jacket that you’ll never want to leave at home. Cost: $170

Just for kids (or teens or seniors!) is this neat paper craft project that needs no scissors or glue to assemble! From the company called PaperPunk are dozens of innovative paper toys that your kids can transform from flat to 3D. It will keep them busy on long car trips or rainy days at the beach. Cost: in the $9-16 range per piece.

There are all sorts of ways to safeguard your money while traveling, one of which is hiding it in your own belt!  PacSafe makes a Cash-safe, Anti-Theft Travel Belt Wallet.  The belt is 1” wide, black, metal-free for airport ease, adjustable and will fit most figures and pant styles.  $17

With our love of tech products comes the need to keep them charged.  Nokia has invented a Portable Wireless Charging Plate that uses the new Qi technology. You place your smartphone on the pad for recharging. Imagine no cables snaking their way from one side of a cafĂ© to the other! Cost: $70

Attention all foodies! No need to panic that you’ll have to live without your organic ginger or wasabi powder for 10 days. With the Mobile Foodie Survival Kit from Flight001, you have a tiny, travel-size set of 13 organic herbs and spices at your fingertips. About the size of an extra-long magic marker, this gourmet essential will hardly take up any room in your bag or carryon. Cost: $28


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