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Park Guell, Barcelona: What to Know Before Visiting

Easily recognizable by its colorful mosaic architecture, Park Guell is a must-see attraction on any visit to Barcelona.  Its whimsical and playful designs left me feeling as if I had just stepped into the pages of one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books.  The park is the work of renowned artist Antoni Gaudi whose work is showcased throughout Barcelona.

The park has a rather unique history.  It was commissioned in 1900 by Eusebi Guell.  He and Antoni Gaudi planned to create a luxury gated community outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.  The plan was to build 60 houses in addition to a large square, markets and other services for the community.  Sadly the idea was not as well received as the pair had hoped and only two of the 60 houses were actually built.  The housing project was abandoned in 1914.  It wasn’t until 1922 that the project was turned into a park which is enjoyed by millions of visitors each year.

Amazing Views
Park Guell is built on Mount Carmel and has some of the most amazing panoramic views of the city.  The views alone are worth the trip to this attraction. 

Very Crowded
No matter what time of year you visit, the park is sure to be crowded.  In an effort to maintain the conservation and maintenance of the park, the entrance is regulated so only a certain amount of visitors are allowed in at a time. 

Book in Advance
It’s recommended that tickets be purchased in advance.  Tickets are available for purchased up to 3 months ahead of time. Visitors can choose the type of tickets and the time slot that best suits their travel needs.

Steep Inclines
Keep in mind that some of the paths are very hilly.  There are sections of the park that have inclines that are actually quite steep so keep that in mind if mobility is an issue or if you plan to visit on a hot summer day. 

Allow at Least a 1/2 Day
Between getting there and taking in all the sights you’ll want to allow at least 1/2 a day to fully enjoy the park. 

Not Centrally Located
Park Guell is on the outskirts of the city away from other city attractions.  It’s a good idea to be aware of this when planning your itinerary but please don’t let that discourage you from visiting this one-of-a-kind attraction.

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Thank you to travel writer Lisa Medeiros.  Follow her on Twitter @lisamedeiros_


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