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6 Ways to Spend Less on Your Next Vacation

If you’re like most folks, by the time you’ve booked your flights and arranged your travel plans you’re already stressed about how much money you’ve spent and you haven’t even left your couch yet.  Not to worry, there are many ways to cut your vacation costs and save money so you can continue to live out your travel dreams. 

Look into What’s Free
Wherever you may be heading on your next getaway there’s bound to be a host of free activities for you to enjoy.  For instance, many cities offer their visitors free admission to area museums or they may offer some outdoor attractions that do not require an admission fee.  It’s worthwhile to do some research and hunt down a few of these “freebees.” 

Cut Out Hotel Cost
There are many accommodation options available these days that can save you a bundle on your next vacation.  Home exchange is a great alternative to paying a hefty hotel bill.  Companies like International Vacation Home Exchange offer some great luxury home options while saving you a bundle on your vacation budget, on average IVHE members save over $5,000 on a two week vacation!

Use Uber Instead of a Car Rental
During my travels this summer I ended up returning my car rental several days earlier than planned after finding it much more economical to Uber to my destinations.  After doing some quick accounting, I figured out that the amount I was paying in car rental fees plus parking would be equivalent to many more Uber rides than I could ever possibly need.  It’s also a much more convenient way to get around unfamiliar surroundings. 

Eat In
Choosing a home exchange option can save you more than just exorbitant hotel fees.  It gives you the opportunity to dine in a few nights and pocket a big savings.  Make a quick trip to the grocery store, throw together a simple meal and not only will you save money by not eating in restaurants but you may find it a more relaxing way to spend the evening.  Isn’t that what vacationing is all about?

Buy Tickets in Advance
For those attractions that are on your Bucket List but not on the “freebees” list be sure to buy your tickets way in advance.  It’s worthwhile to spend some time researching all the deals that are out there for your destination.  For example, many cities offer a City Pass that allows you to see many of their main attractions at a discounted price.  You’d be surprised how spending a little time on Google can yield you some big travel savings.

Try Not to Forget Anything at Home
If hiking is on your travel itinerary and you discover you only packed flip flips then get ready to waste some precious travel funds on a pair of shoes you don’t really need.  When it comes to packing, take the time to really plan out what you will need and be sure to double check that you have everything.  Forgetting items is not only a waste of money but a waste of precious time. Time you could be doing something more enjoyable.

So now that you’ve saved a few dollars with these money saving tips you’ve earned the right to  splurge a little.  It is a vacation after all.  Spend of little of your hard earned savings on special souvenir or take that exciting excursion that may be a bit out of budget.  The goal isn’t to not spend any money at all on vacation but rather to spend it as wisely as possible.   Happy travel.

Thank you Travel Writer Lisa Medeiros.  Follow her on twitter @lisamedeiros_


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