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Share Your World in Global Sharing Week, 7th-13th June 2015

Taking an inspirational idea and turning it into a global movement is quite a task.   Yesterday was the kick-off event for Global Sharing Week, an idea championed by Benita Matofska who was inspired during a talk by Desmond Tutu.  How can all of us improve the world through sharing more with each other? 
All of us realise the world is a finite place with a limit to resources.  Our growing cities and total population places new pressures on these resources.  Sharing is all about opening our mind to new opportunities of allowing others to benefit from the resources that we enjoy. 
In our case at International Vacation Home Exchange, our members share their homes with other like-minded members in over 70 countries around the world.  Homes are just one resource that people are sharing.  When searching the internet we see opportunities for sharing in many forms – meals, books, clothes, car rides, parking spots, boats and even dogs.  This last is a personal favourite of mine.  I'm not part of a dog sharing website but I love dogs and due to my frequent traveling it would not be fair to a dog to be away so much.  I also enjoy walking.  I’m lucky; my neighbor has agreed to ‘share’ his dog with me to create a win-win-win situation.  My neighbor has his dog walked, the dog enjoys many days out and about with me and I get some exercise along with the companionship of a fun loving dog. 

Yesterday’s event at the House of Lords in London’s Parliament building was hosted by Lord Andrew Stone.  His address was powerful in setting the tone that sharing is something we can do on a personal basis and as nations in a global community.  It can be highly organised or spontaneous.  Each of us can do something simple at the grassroots level which can begin to compound and grow leading to amazing changes for everyone. 

Sharing, not only homes and dogs, has opened my eyes to wonderful experiences.  Thinking about your family and the world’s future?  This could be your opportunity to join forces with the Sharing Economy movement and be a part of building a sustainable future, be a part of Global Sharing Week, 7 to 13th June 2015.  Let's start sharing - Larry K


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