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Many Benefits of Home Exchange

Thinking about joining the International Vacation Home Exchange (IVHE) program? Here are a few of the many benefits of a home exchange vacation.

Lower cost
Becoming a member of an exclusive home exchange program means no hotel costs, including all the little extras fees that hotels may charge such as parking, surcharges and taxes, cabana or pool fees, extra bed/cot usage, and gratuities.  Enjoying your vacation in a residential setting also allows you to save money on meals when you feel like cooking “at home” instead of going out.  

Peace of Mind
It’s a comforting feeling to know that another member, a homeowner just like you, is staying at your home. As you would have respect for another person’s property, they will as well. In addition, IVHE properties are four-star verified meaning their property, I.D. and phone has been authenticated. You also have the opportunity to know if that particular member is an experienced trader and exchanger. Being part of this exclusive program means your own property is protected from the possible risks of renting to strangers. There’s no need to throw the dice and gamble on the unknown.

Live Like a Local
What makes a vacation extra special? Experiencing a new city or country like a local. Imagine finding that quaint, out-of-the-way café or discovering a neighborhood that tourists don’t know exists. And what better way to live like a local than actually live at a local resident’s own home? 

So many options
There are IVHE properties available in more than 75 countries and of every size and style imaginable including villas, single-family homes, log cabins, cottages, apartments, yachts, luxury B&B’s and more. They range from rural to city settings, studios to multiple bedrooms, water to mountain views, and could include pools, Jacuzzi’s, tennis courts and more. The options are endless.

A free travel coordinator
Planning your trip is made easier with the services of a free travel services coordinator from IVHE. You can also ask questions of the property homeowner prior to your trip.

Traveling can be exhausting with all the noise and comings and goings in a large and impersonal hotel, but not when you are enjoying an IVHE luxury residence. You can relax and do nothing in the comfort of quiet surroundings.


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