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Pied-à-terre for you!

The word pied-à-terre has a certain mystique, sophistication and charm to it, like the promise of a hidden gem of a bookstore that one finds down a tiny cobblestone street in Paris. It’s unexpected, it’s foreign, and it’s certainly cool. The word is French, literally translated to “foot to the ground.”
The dictionary defines it properly as a secondary place of residence, usually in a city, used for part-time or occasional use. Wouldn’t we all love our own pied-à-terre in Paris or London, New York or Montreal, Rome or Stockholm – the list is endless.

But wait, with a membership in the International Vacation Home Exchange, it’s possible. With a direct exchange or use of points, living in a pied-à-terre, albeit temporarily, could become a reality.

The literal translation of the word, “foot to the ground,” can mean different things to different people. To this writer, the meaning seems to evoke a sense of excitement and exploration of a new city. The convenience of your own pied-à-terre in the city means your own feet can be off and walking along those city streets in no time at all.  Imagine the fun of exploring a new city any time of the day. With the ease and serviceability of a pied-à-terre, a quick change of clothes and shoes can take you from tourist, to jogger, to shopping, to cocktails and dinner.

Here’s a look at several pied-à-terre properties, or city apartments, featured on the International Vacation Home Exchange.  One of them may be your next vacation exchange!

Paris, France - #0061  What could be more romantic than a studio for two in the city of Paris?  This apartment is located within a five minute walk of Montmarte and Sacre Coeur and just a few blocks from two Metro stops.

New York, New York - #0638    Housed in an 1885 historic building, this one-bedroom pied-à-terre is located in the heart of Manhattan across from Carnegie Hall and near  theaters, museums and Lincoln Center. 

Rome, Italy - #1089  This stunning two-bedroom apartment is located near the “Quirinale,” the President’s House and is 100 meters (109 yards) from Trevi Fountain in the center of Rome.

Venice, Italy - #0008   Touring “the City of Canals” is a dream from this two-bedroom property located just a five minute walk from the Grand Canal. The neighborhood is perfect for strolling, sightseeing, shopping and dining.


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