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Making it easier for you to find you next vacation home is one of our goals at  We are pleased to launch our new Property Search which is now leading the home exchange market to give you the best service in the industry.  Let’s see how it works.

On the Property Search page, you can get there by clicking on Properties from any page (see above).  You still have the basic search available which offers you Country, Listing, Bedrooms, Guests and Credits options.  You will see that we have added a Popular Regions option.  When you select, you will then see all the countries in that region.  You can then deselect any that are not relevant for you. 
The next addition is our More Options search.  When you select More Options, a large list of additional search criteria appear (see below).  You now have the ability to filter by any of these many options.  Remember that the more options you select, the more filters will be applied so there will be less properties shown, but this will fine tune your search for you. 

In the example above, there is a search for properties in Italy with 2 bedrooms or more, sleeping at least 4 people.  In addition, since some of the people in our group like hiking and others like golfing, both of these activities are selected.  Finally, at the end of our vacation days we would like to relax in a pool, so these have been selected too.  Once you have choose all of the criteria you like, simply click on the Search button and you will have the property listings available for your next vacation!  

If you have any questions or comments on these new Property Search functions, please email us.  


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