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Midway, Utah: A Winter Wonderland

When my husband “Deke” and I were dating, the first place he took me for a getaway was Midway, Utah.  Deke is a man of distinction favoring boutique hotels and exceptional service, so why would he take me to rural Midway?  Because Midway has both exceptional accommodations and country charm. 
Not only does Midway offer charm, but world-class alpine and cross country skiing is just miles away.  Soldier Hollow, where the 2002 Winter Olympics cross country and biathlon events were held, is actually in Midway; the cross country and biathlon courses are maintained, and Soldier Hollow is still host to numerous winter competitions.  Park City, famous for its alpine skiing and its legendary Sundance Film Festival, is nearby and exclusive resort Deer Valley is in close proximity as well.  Just 45 minutes from Salt Lake City, the ride easy to Midway, though I recommend using an all-wheel or four-wheel-drive vehicle during the winter.
With open pastures and picturesque, wooden fences (the kind in American Western movies), Midway is a delight.  So beautiful was my walk with Deke in December, we hardly noticed the cold until Deke’s hatless ears began to turn red (Though it was a wonderland, it was still winter!  Let Deke’s hatless head serve as a caution—dress appropriately).  
Though I haven’t thought of winter as particularly cheerful, when the sun sparkled on the sea of snow it was as if purity itself was magnified.    The beauty does not end after the sun goes down; Ice Castles, a beautiful array of ice sculptures looking a bit like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, is open to the public depending upon the weather conditions.
The scenic winters evoke something of Switzerland, and interestingly some of the first settlers of Midway were of Swiss descent sent there by Mormon leader Brigham Young.  Remnants of Swiss culture still remain including the festival, “Swiss Days” during the summer, and the resort, Zermatt, which resembles a Swiss village.  Zermatt Resort has a four-star rating on TripAdvisor, and was awarded a Certificate of Excellence because of its consistently good reviews.  Enjoy this exclusive vacation home from
While at a fund-raising event in Salt Lake City, I met a local celebrity best known for her portrayal of Bat Girl, who, in the dead of a winter night, was heading up to Zermatt Resort (though she is most famous for playing Bat Girl, my personal favorite role of this actress is that of a head—yes, a head!).
While Zermatt Resort is host to celebrity types willing to brave the dark, winter night for the pleasure of a visit, it also has a family atmosphere; included on the grounds is a carousel.  One of the best things about Zermatt is its free shuttle service to local ski resorts such as Sundance, Park City, and Deer Valley.

Deke and I are not skiers, but we enjoyed Midway all the same.  We found that New Year’s Eve is a lovely time to go; the temperatures may be freezing outside, but the rich d├ęcor and food (you have to give yourself a break with the eating—it is New Year’s Eve) inside make for warmth, coziness, and well, romance. 
Before New Year’s Eve, Deke and I went for a ride on the Heber Creeper.  The Heber Creeper, in the Heber Valley where Midway is located, is an old, restored train which “creeps” through the winter countryside.  At Christmas time, it becomes “The North Pole Express” giving children a thrill. 
Whether your tastes run toward the rustic, sophisticated, athletic, or spa-like, Midway, Utah has it all. I’m convinced that Deke’s romancing me in Midway had something to do with me marrying him—perhaps your visit will be a fortuitous.
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Thank you to Travel Blogger Sona Schmidt-Harris.


  1. Midway is a treasure out here in Utah. I got married at Zermatt in 2011. :)

  2. Congratulations, Carla! I too got married in 2011, but in Salt Lake.


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