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Brilliant Coastal Holidays

It's that wonderful, magical time of year. Traditionally, we all gather at the family home; enjoy a bit of cheer; over indulge in feasting; and wonder why it all seems to fall short of the expectations created for us by Currier & Ives or the television holiday specials. But, somehow, snow and ice are considerably less magical in the real world. Things tend to pile up and those ‘last minute holiday miracles’ seem to be a lot harder to come by.
So… what if there was a way to work a miracle and bring some new spark to your Holidays? What if you could transport yourself and your loved ones to a magical place to spend those precious days? And better yet, what if it was warm!  
Well, now you can. By taking advantage of a holiday vacation home exchange you can spend the winter holiday in balmy comfort. Take a moment to consider just how wonderful it would be to spend your holiday at the sea shore. Imagine taking the sun on a beach; sipping your favorite holiday beverage; and thinking about all those poor souls up north who are huddled around the Yule log trying to stay warm.
While they might not have the snow associated with the holiday season, folks living in coastal regions know how to celebrate the season. There are many local and regional bazaars for gift shopping, community tree lightings, lighted boat parades and more.
Vacation home exchanges allow you to have the flexibility to arrange a winter getaway for yourself and an intimate partner or for the whole family. Imagine how pleased everyone would be to travel to the Gulf Coast for the  holidays. Talk about a relief for cabin fever! And what a special holiday gift you’ll be giving to your nearest and dearest. A luxury vacation home can have plenty of room for everyone. Plus many of them have loads of desirable  amenities.  Spas, barbecues, fire pits, and exercise rooms are just a few of the desirable extras you’ll find in many exchange homes.
By spending the holidays along the the Atlantic, Gulf, or Mexican Coast you’ll also have the availability of loads of activities which are traditionally enjoyed only in the summertime, even though it’s the dead of winter. Top that off with some real down home coastal cooking and you have holiday magic that surpasses anything found in a greeting card or on film.
If you’re one of those people who enjoys sending out holiday newsletters, can you just picture what your correspondents will say when they read that you spent the holidays eating Cajun shrimp; drinking Mojitos, or that you went deep sea fishing while the kids enjoyed hours of water skiing? You’ll be the envy of everyone you know. And, imagine the rewards you’ll get for referring them to International Vacation Home Exchange so that they can make the same kind of magic for their family next year.
Thank you to the MA Scott writing team for this blog post.

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  1. Sometimes you've just got to leave home and hearth during the holidays for a little fun . . .


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