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Hiking Trails for People with Disabilities

Hiking is considered one of the world’s most loved pastimes. America has a lot to offer hikers, from the Appalachian Trail to the Big Santa Anita Canyon Trail, there are fantastic hikes to be had all throughout the country. Whether you’re on the east coast or the west, in the wetlands of the south or the mountains of the north, you’ll find a beautiful place to hike. There are sights to behold across the country and a hiking trail can provide the perfect vantage point to take it all in. For the millions of people with disabilities, hiking can seem like a difficult undertaking. However, America has taken big steps to make hiking accessible for all. Legislation passed under the Americans with Disabilities Act has changed the requirements for many parks in order to make them more accessible. There are plenty of resources and guides for those with disabilities who are interested in hiking. Hiking is a worthwhile pastime for anyone, but can be a particularly useful source of exercise and relaxation for those with a disability. With the increasing prevalence of accessible hiking trails, the world truly opens up to those who may have previously had limited access.

If you are seeking accessible trails in the US, your first stop should probably be a database of accessible hiking trails, such as the WWSDW’s list of accessible hiking trails by state. For more specific accessibility requirements, there are listings that include TrailLink’s database of “wheelchair accessible trails by state.”  If you are looking for a more comprehensive list of all of the trails in your state that have been made to be accessible to those with disabilities, many offer an index of all of the trails in the area that fit the bill. With this many resources available, those with disabilities can get out and enjoy the splendor of nature from wherever they are in the states. There are plenty of online resources dedicated to connecting those with disabilities with accessible hiking trails, parks, and other natural wonders. With these improvements in the accessibility of America’s park systems, it’s now possible for those with disabilities to see the country in a whole new way.
Whether you’re visiting a new city or looking to explore your own backyard, taking a hike is a great way to get exercise and fresh air. If you’re looking for more hiking ideas for your next vacation, has its page for hiking around the world. Once you’ve been bitten with the hiking bug, you’ll find yourself searching for hiking trails every time you take a vacation and even planning holidays around the best hiking spots. IVHE also allows you to search for properties that have nearby hiking/walking trails, so you can continue to explore the great outdoors in America and across the globe. It’s a rewarding hobby that increases self-sufficiency, encourages a healthy lifestyle, inspires a lifelong love of the outdoors, and makes for a lifetime of great stories and even better memories. America bills itself as a land of equal opportunity, so it is only fitting that its national trails be accessible for all to enjoy.

Thank you to travel blogger Emma Sledge. 


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