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Take A “Magical Mystery Tour” Through England

Did you know that Strawberry Fields was actually an orphanage located near John Lennon’s childhood home in Liverpool? He would pass it each day on his way home from school.  One of John Lennon’s favorite things to do as a boy was to stop there and either climb the trees on the property or play with the children who lived there.  It’s no longer an orphanage today but the sign still remains, making it a popular tourist stop.  This is just one of the many facts that fans of the Fab Four can learn for themselves on a Beatles pilgrimage to England.  I’ve listed some of the other must-see attractions you can personally experience by booking your next luxury home swap in the UK

Abbey Road Crossing
A dream photo op for any true Beatles fan is to have their picture taken as they walk across that world famous Zebra Crossing (as it’s called in England).  That famous walk was taken on Abbey Road, London near Abbey Studios.  When my family and I took this iconic walk a few years back, my youngest was 7.  He was a big Beatles fan and wished to take on the role of Paul McCartney.  In true album cover fashion, he was 3rd man down and walked barefoot.  Of course, we said “no” to the cigarette when he requested one.  The picture is one of our favorite mementos of our years spent living in London.  The Abbey Road Crossing is a short walk from the St. John’s Wood tube stop.  There is always a crowd gathered and waiting your turn to have the crosswalk all to yourself requires a bit of patience but not nearly as much patience as the folks who drive that route on a daily basis. 

Tour John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s Childhood Homes
Both homes are now part of the National Trust and have been remodeled to look as they did during the years John and Paul were growing up.  The homes are located in close proximity to one another.

Penny Lane
As you drive down the actual Penny Lane in Liverpool you are able to recognize many of the landmarks from their well known song.  The “shelter on the round about” refers to an unusually large bus shelter that is described as being on its own “island” because it’s located on a roundabout where traffic encircles it from all angles.  The barber shop in the line “barber showing photographs of every head he’s had the pleasure to know” refers to a barbershop that was located just behind the roundabout. Inside the shop, customer’s pictures were hung on the wall.  The shop still stands in the same spot today though it’s no longer a barbershop.  I won’t ruin the rest of the Penny Lane sights for you but just remember to not leave without a picture by that well known street sign. 

The Cavern Club
No visit to Liverpool is complete without a stop at the spot where the Beatles were discovered back in 1961.  The Beatles made The Cavern Club a worldwide household name.  It continues to host live bands to this day.

The Beatles Story
This interactive museum is located in Liverpool’s Albert Dock area.  There you can follow the life  story of the Beatles in this fun, kid-friendly museum.

Hard Rock Cafe
Located in the Mayfair section of London, The Hard Rock Cafe houses a rock ’n roll museum in it’s basement.  There you can see the original handwritten lyrics to “Imagine” and “Instant Karma” plus the glasses and jacket often worn by John Lennon.

These are just a few of the Beatles attractions you can experience first hand on your dream vacation to the homeland of the Beatles.  International Vacation Home Exchange has properties in over 70 countries around the world.  Click here to view properties available in England.  Imagine standing right where John and Paul once stood.  It’s easy if you try. 

Thank you to travel blogger Lisa Medeiros.  Follow her on twitter @lisamedeiros_

Note: if you have a couple hours while in Liverpool, try a Beatles Black Cab tour - fantastic.  Your cab driver takes you to many of the local Beatle sites mentioned above, while sharing with you their personal knowledge of Liverpool - plus they mix in Beatles song along the way - listen to Penny Lane on Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields at Strawberry Fields, absolutely fabulous.   


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