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Top 10 Useful Packing Tips

So it’s a new year and you’re excited about your 2016 home exchange vacation plans but you dread the task of packing.  I’m with you on this.  I love the idea of exploring someplace new but the thought of having to pack for it…not so much.  I’ve put together a list of packing tips that have been the most useful to me over the years.  I hope they make preparing for your next adventure a little bit easier.

Store Your Charging Cords in an Eyeglass Case
Eyeglass cases make the perfect container to hold cords for your iPhone, Kindle,iPad etc.  It keeps them all neatly in one place. 

Put Shoes in Shower Caps
Keep everything in your suitcase clean by putting shoes in shower caps.  It will protect your suitcase as well.

Roll Don’t Fold
Save space by rolling your clothes instead of folding.  This also cuts down on wrinkles once you unpack.

Straws For Necklaces
Keep necklaces untangled by putting one end through a straw. 

Keep Jewelry In Between Press and Seal Wrap
Another great way to keep jewelry from tangling is to put it in between two pieces of Press and Seal Wrap.  It keeps all your pieces right where you put them until needed.

Put Cling Wrap Over Bottles
Avoid spills by putting a piece of Cling Wrap over the bottle opening before putting the cap back on to avoid spills in your luggage.  I learned this one the hard way. 

Put Small Items in Shoes
Make good use of space by packing smaller items inside shoes

Roll Clothes in Tissue Paper
Rolling or folding clothes in tissue paper or dry cleaner bags will help eliminate wrinkles when you unpack

Pack a Small Bag in Your Carry On for Essentials
Pack a small zipper bag in your carry on case with things you may need on your flight.  Things like earbuds, lip balm, reading glasses, tissues, aspirin, gum or anything else that you think you will use.   This allows you to put your carry on in the overhead compartment while keeping things you need close at hand.

Always Make a Packing List
The two key points to packing is being organized and planning ahead.  Procrastination is the traveler’s enemy.  Make a well-organized list way ahead of your departure date.  Jot down items as your think of them.  Put aside items on your list as they come to mind.  If you wait to put them aside chances are you will forget something. 

Don’t waste precious vacation time shopping for all the things you forgot to pack, detangling your jewelry or ironing out wrinkles.  With a little planning and organizing you can be well prepared for your get-away and use your vacation time to sightsee and relax.  After all that’s what vacation is all about.

What are some of your favorite packing tips that make your life easier? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.  Now if there were only a travel tip that would get my kids to remember their shoes when they get off a plane.

A new year means new travel goals.  International Vacation Home Exchange has luxury properties in every corner of the world.  What’s on you Bucket List? Contact one of the IVHE Personal Trade Coordinators today and start planning your 2016 adventures.

Thank you to Travel Blogger Lisa Medeiros.  You can follow her on twitter @lisamedeiros_


  1. Ms. Medeiros: The packing suggestion I find most helpful you have already listed--"Pack a Small Bag in Your Carry On for Essentials"-- I have been caught without essentials a couple of times when my luggage was lost, and it's no fun!


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