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5 Travel Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to home exchange travel, you want to keep your regrets to eating too much, staying out too late and tanning unevenly not failing to do enough travel research.   Don’t be one of the many uniformed travelers each year who end up with a disappointing holiday or cancelled travel plans.   Here are 5 common travel mistakes people often fall victim to. 

Not Obtaining the Required Visa
There are certain countries that require a special visa before being granted entry into their country.  Don’t be one of the many travelers who find this out at the ticket counter and are denied boarding. 

Not Knowing The Local Law
Chewing gum in Singapore and spitting it out on the sidewalk could have much higher consequences than getting stuck on somebody’s shoe.  There are many different cultural laws around the world that would surprise you so be sure to find out if any apply to your destination.

Not Informing Your Credit Card Company
Forgetting to contact your credit card company about your travel plans could result in a freeze on your account.  Who wants to waste vacation time on the phone answering security questions with customer service while you try to remember if your first pet’s name was Sadie or Oliver?  Always contact your bank before you travel. 

Traveling Too Close to Your Passport Expiration Date
Some countries require up to a  6 month expiration time on your passport in order to board the plane.  As of this year several new countries have been added to that list.  Always look into the passport requirements for the country you plan to travel to and don’t assume your passport is valid right up until the expiration date.  If you are a US passport holder and you are up for renewal this year, be advised that 2016 is expected to be their busiest year for renewal.  Don’t put off renewing and risk experiencing long delays.

Exchanging Currency At The Airport
What a great convenience it is to exchange currency while you are right at the airport.  Convenient, yes, but best rate?  Airports tend to have the highest exchange rate.  Do a little research before you decide where to exchange your funds.  I have found using an ATM once I arrive at my destination to usually be the best choice.

You’re now ready to book your next home swap a little better informed.  Whether it’s Thailand , Tenerife or somewhere in-between these tips will save you some travel troubles so your holiday is memorable for the right reasons. 

Thank you to travel blogger Lisa Medeiros.  Follow her on Twitter @lisamedeiros_


  1. Great advice, Lisa--I didn't know about the close to expiration of passport problem.


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