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Santa Monica - great place to start your Southern California Vacation

If you’re new to the idea of vacation home exchange and looking for an ideal place to start, make it in Southern California. You simply cannot imagine the variety of experiences possible to you. If your interests lead you to the arts, there are world class museums, superb concert venues, and much more. The popular arts abound with concerts, art fairs, classes and more. But today, we thought we’d focus on the quintessential immersion experience in the greater Los Angeles area: The Santa Monica Promenade. This multi block long venue offers an almost inexhaustible number of activities for someone visiting the area. Retail stores abound. Nationally recognized stores are in the majority but there are also some intriguing local offerings as well such as the architectural bookstore located around the corner near the north end of the Promenade.
Restaurants are so plentiful that the largest problem visitors face is having to decide on which one appeals the most. From seafood to pizza; from elegance to the extremely casual, you will find something to tempt your palate. Many dining venues feature small outdoor patio areas which afford diners the pleasure of the mild, sunny weather as well as uninterrupted people watching. Believe us when we say, half the fun of going to the Promenade is experiencing the full panoply of Los Angelinos, including the occasional celebrity.

The Promenade is user friendly with many places to sit and relax before pressing on with your explorations. Every few yards you can find small kiosks selling refreshments. The weather is almost always pleasant, even on the hottest summer days because the Promenade is located on the bluffs just inshore from the Pacific Coast and the famous Santa Monica Pier.
While you’re relaxing with a beverage you’ll undoubtedly be diverted by one of the many nearby street entertainers. We’ve been amused by jugglers, magicians, and music performances of untold varieties including, classical cello, Peruvian music, and folk music.
On Saturday evenings, singers, songwriters and other performers swell the daytime ranks offering you a wider range of amusements. These entertainers are always grateful for any tip you care to offer.

If you need a break from the kaleidoscope of sight and sounds, there is a lovely bluff top part with cool grass, swaying palms and inviting benches within easy walking distance. The park overlooks the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and historic Highway 1. It is a popular venue for picnic lunches, dog walking, jogging and skating. 
When you’ve finished with your Southern California vacation home exchange adventure, be sure to share your thoughts with other members. Your experiences may very well help another member have a memorable visit to the area and the Santa Monica Promenade.
In our next blog post, we’ll take a trip north on Highway 101 to Santa Barbara where we did research for one of our novels. In the meantime, Happy Vacationing!

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