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A walk in the woods, along the coast or up mountains!

There is something incredibly timeless about taking a stroll. Not only does going for a walk offer a host of physical and cognitive benefits, it is also a fantastic way to explore a new area. Whether you’re hiking a scenic nature trail or taking a leisurely walk, you’ll unlock all sorts of hidden gems when you step outside and do a little exploring. It’s a relatively low impact way to get some exercise and an inexpensive way to have a magical day on vacation.
Each part of the world has a unique and natural beauty. Sometimes it may be hidden behind a city skyline or tucked far off the beaten path, but it is most certainly there. One of the quickest ways to find those scenic natural areas is to research hiking trails. They tend to blaze through the most pristine and noteworthy areas around, like historic ruins and stunning landmarks. Hiking trails are prevalent in most areas, and a worthwhile trail is likely within a short drive, even for major metro areas. For the adventurous and experienced, there are hiking trails with steep inclines and challenging terrains. Novice hikers needn’t worry either, as many trails are well-maintained and gentler – some are even paved!
Taking a hike can be a great way to break up a trip, but you can have an equally enchanting time in an urban setting. When you take to the streets for a walk, you may not cover as much ground as you would in a car, but you’ll be able to spot all sorts of things you might otherwise have whizzed past unknowingly. Walking in a new place is a great way to meet the locals and find out about those fantastic hole in the wall restaurants that you’d otherwise miss. While you can have an enjoyable time walking just about anywhere, there are some areas and cities that are considered to be extra “walkable.” When vacationing, it never hurts to do a little research into the best areas to go for a stroll. For those who really love the pastime, Fromme’s has curated a list of the most walkable cities on earth, so you have a premade travel bucket list.
Whether you’re more of an urbanite or a woodsman, taking to the outdoors to stretch your legs is a wonderful way to get the most out of a new city. You’ll not only be exploring and experiencing, you will be getting healthy exercise. Whether you’re picking your way up a mountain trail or window shopping on a bustling street, it’s a fantastic way to learn about a new place and walk off some of that delicious vacation food.

What better way to spend a vacation than to have a luxury vacation home to relax in at the end of the day, after your long hike.  With International Vacation Home Exchange, you can select from these exquisite homes that are all located near excellent hiking and walking.  
Thank you to travel writer Emma Sledge.  


  1. Hi Emma - it seems you're a bit of a philosopher and contemplative soul--great ideas. One of the first things I do on vacation is look for places to go on a hike or stroll. There is a particularly lovely "fussganger zone" or pedestrian zone in Vienna which I loved.


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