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In the Steps of Pope Francis – 2016

Dynamic and groundbreaking, Pope Francis’ travels regularly make news like his recent visit near the U.S. / Mexico border.  Religious and secular history is made every time the Pontiff sets foot outside of Italy.  Whether you are a Catholic pilgrim or not, seeing the Pope is a once in a lifetime experience.
According to Wikipedia’s, “List of pastoral visits of Pope Francis outside Italy,” Pope Francis’ forthcoming visits in 2016* will likely include the following destinations: Argentina; Chile; Uruguay; Poland; Armenia; Georgia; Azerbaijan; Sweden, and; Malta.
If your plans take you to see the Pope in some of the above-listed destinations, International Vacation Home Exchange can help.
Home of the dramatic Argentine Andes and the tallest peak in the Western Hemisphere, Cerro Aconcagua, Argentina features not only beautiful landscapes, but beautiful cities as well.  Buenos Aires, known as the Paris of South America, is cosmopolitan and the birthplace of Pope Francis, then known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
Argentina celebrates the bicentennial of the Argentine Declaration of Independence in 2016.  Pope Francis is scheduled to visit sometime in 2016 to help commemorate his homeland’s independence.
IVHE has stylish luxury exchange homes in Buenos Aires and other Argentinian villas available.
On the Baltic Sea, Poland is known for its picturesque, medieval architecture and charming countryside; however, there are also mountains and forested areas.
Poland was the birthplace of the 1989 revolutions which helped to break up the Soviet Union.  Not only was Poland a hotbed of political uprising, but also of religious insurgency as well. Protestors of the Soviet regime defiantly wore religious icons frowned upon by the government at the time. It’s no wonder that Poland, former home of Pope John Paul, is important to the Catholic Church.
Pope Francis will visit Kraków, Poland at the end of July for World Youth Day.  IVHE features this luxury exchange home in Warsaw if your plans take you to Poland.
Home to numerous islands and excellent views of the northern lights, Sweden is a winter wonderland.
The Pope is scheduled to visit the last week of October to help commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.
IVHE features these luxury exchange homes in Sweden.
Located in the center of the Mediterranean, Malta is an island state south of Sicily.  This stunning archipelago features magnificent vistas and interesting architecture.  A high percentage of Malta’s citizens speak both Maltese and English.
With Catholicism as the major religion, it’s no wonder that Malta’s president extended Pope Francis an invitation to visit.  The Pope will visit sometime in 2016.
IVHE has features these exclusive home exchanges in vibrant Malta.
As Pope Francis continues to take the religious and secular worlds by storm, it would be fascinating to see him in person.  Perhaps IVHE can help.  See how it works.
*Please note that Pope Francis’ travel itinerary is subject to change, and some of what Wikipedia predicts may not occur.

Thank you to travel writer Sona Schmidt-Harris @Sonag2000


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