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7 Essential Travel Accessories Gifts

In my house, the Spring season always brings with it a long list of gift-giving events.  Between Grads, Dads, birthdays and a host of other occasions sprinkled in, I often struggle to think up clever gift ideas.  I find the task a bit easier if there are travel lovers on my list.  I’ve put together some gift ideas that are sure to please any Wanderluster on your springtime gift giving list.
The traveler on your list will never forget their charging wires at home again with a nice leather Charger Roll Up.  I’ve come across a few styles that are made to not only hold all of your charging wires but come with their own charger so you can charge several devices from it while using only one outlet. 
Years ago I invested in a leather Document Holder.  I prefer a document holder to a passport cover as the passport holders can only fit your passport but the document holders will hold all your travel paperwork and other documents along with your passport.  The one that I have is large enough to hold several passports so I keep my entire family’s passports (including husband’s) safe and sound and in one place.  It’s also compact enough to easily fit into my bag without taking up a lot of room.  The leather has nicely worn in now as it has kept us organized on trips all around the world for a number of years. 
For the traveler who visits a variety of countries, a universal adapter is a great gift.  They’ll never have to worry about bringing the wrong adaptor again - a perfect gift when home exchanging around the world. 
For the woman on your gift list there is nothing more useful than a good, functional travel make up bag.  I always find toiletries the most challenging part of packing so a nicely organized travel make up bag makes the task a bit easier.  Another gift idea is a cross body bag.  If she plans to travel to several cities around the world then the best way for her to keep her belongings safe is with a cross body bag.  It’s also the perfect size to carry all your essentials around while sightseeing without weighing you down. 
I’ve mention a few bags for woman on your list but guys need to carry their stuff around as well.  No, I wasn’t referring to a “murse” though I actually know a few guys who would totally appreciate the purchase but I’m more thinking of a good backpack.  Not so much a “backpacking across Europe” backpack but more of a sightseeing backpack.  My husband carried the same backpack around on all of our travels for several years.  When he briefly misplaced it on one of our trip he was almost more upset about the sentimentally of the bag than he was with losing it’s contents.  Look for one that’s not too large and has just the right amount of compartments to keep everything organized and in one place.  That backpack is a constant on all our family trips. 
Whatever destination the travelers on your gift list are heading off to there is sure to be an International Vacation Home Exchange property located nearby.  IVHE has properties in over 70 countries around the world.  Click here to read what our clients have to say about their luxury home exchange experiences and consider it for your next get away because after all why should friends and family have all the travel fun. 

Thank you travel writer Lisa Medeiros.  Follow her on twitter @lisamedeiros_


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Great ideas for travel gifts--my husband and I bought my sister an international adapter kit and it was very appreciated. And you're right--packing toiletries is the hardest part--not that I'm a great packer--I'm a terrible packer. Another great gift you can give someone is to help her pack if she is a terrible packer. I've had tears in my eyes while packing--I'm so bad at it! My sister Heidi who is a great packer saved the day when she helped me pack.

  2. That's one great sister - the only thing I can think of worse than packing would be packing someone else's stuff ;))


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