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Travel Together! Learn more about your Potential Partner

Have you met that special someone and want to take it to the next level?  Nothing will take it to the next level faster than traveling together.  Though traveling together can be one of the most romantic things couples do, it can also try patience and highlight any existing or potential issues.
Traveling with Your Love – A Crystallizing Experience
Traveling was such a crystallizing experience for my cousin, he would take a woman he started to feel serious about to Mexico to watch her reaction.  While he made sure that the accommodations were first rate, he would also take his companion out on the streets to see how she reacted.  If she incessantly complained, “It’s hot; it’s dusty; I want to go back to the hotel,” this was usually a good indication that he and this woman would not get along—he loves Mexico and wants to retire there.
Does Your Companion Mistreat Service Staff on Vacation?
I learned the hard way to watch carefully how your traveling companion treats servers, housekeepers, and anyone who takes care of you.  Though I had seen an old boyfriend treat waitresses poorly, it was only magnified when we traveled; this is a bad sign.  When we were dating, I watched my husband with interest when I felt he was too demanding with staff, but I also saw him tip very well when we received great service—this was a good sign (though I’m still trying to get him to be nicer overall).  Tipping well shows that your companion doesn’t want something for nothing, and respects the service he receives.  We experienced great service from a waiter in Mykonos and pool attendant in Puerto Vallarta in part because of my husband’s good tipping.
Is Your Companion the “Anything Goes” Type on Vacation?
I didn’t know this phenomenon existed until I was in my thirties.  Some people are basically mild-mannered and law-abiding at home, but when they’re on vacation anything goes.   This includes drinking, trashing accommodations, and promiscuity never even considered in day-to-day living.  Everyone needs to let loose a little on holiday, but consider this:  if your partner’s personality can change that much on holiday, he already has it in him to change drastically in other situations.
Is Your Companion Too Controlling on Vacation?
While everyone appreciates someone taking initiative on vacation, someone who is too controlling is trouble.  Does your companion ask what you would like to do on vacation?  Does she have to control the itinerary down to the hour?  If you make a suggestion about what to do does your companion get irritated or angry?  Beware.
If You Are the One Paying for Most of Your Vacation, Does Your Companion Offer to Pay for Anything-Even If It is Just the Housekeeper’s Tip or A Cup of Coffee?
Paying even for something small shows that your companion wants to contribute and is grateful for what you are doing (paying for a great holiday).   Unless it is specifically understood that one person will pay for the entire trip, if your companion isn’t willing to make a small monetary gesture, this could be trouble. 
Staying Together in a Confined Space Like A Hotel Room Can Be Very Revealing Indeed
Enough said . . .
Does Your Companion Incessantly Complain?
There will always be something that doesn’t go according to plan on holiday.  Can your companion roll with a change of plans or inclement weather?  If your companion complains constantly even when he is supposed to be having fun, this is an indication of a lot more complaining yet to come.
Can Your Companion Relax on Holiday?
Does your companion have to be engaged in an activity on holiday every spare moment?  While it is good to be active and enjoy your surroundings on vacation, if your companion is unable to relax, this can be very stressful.  If she can’t unwind on holiday, how will she do so in day-to-day life?
Is Your Companion a Social Media Junkie on Vacation?
Social media can be a real enhancement on vacation; sharing photos with friends or just keeping a travel journal can be a lot of fun.  However, if your companion is constantly engaged with others on the computer, and not you, will he be able to give you his undivided attention ever?
Is Your Companion an Incessant Selfie Taker?
Let me just say up front that the younger and cuter your companion is, the more leeway should be given here.   But after a while, it gets irritating.  Is “look at me in front of The Acropolis” more important than The Acropolis?  It might be something to consider . . .
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Thanks to travel writer Sona Schmidt-Harris – Follow her on Twitter @Sonag2000


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