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Deciding Where to Vacation in Australia

The “Land Down Under” is vast and varied – almost overwhelmingly so. In a perfect world, you’d simply tour the entire country from end to end, but most of us lack the time and/or money for such an adventure and must settle on one or two destinations. For hopeful vacation planners who are looking for an Australian getaway, it can be a bit tough to discern where the best locale is. Never fear though, we’ve got you covered! With a touch of research, some IVHE insight, and a little introspection on your part, you’re sure to find the perfect spot for an Australian holiday. (this is the first of two blogs on Australia)
                The first thing to understand about Australia are its states, of which there are six. IVHE has vacation properties in all six of them, so you won’t be at a loss for choices on that front. Western Australia is by far the largest and is aptly named, being that it comprises the Western portion of the continent. South Australia lies in the middle and extends out to the shore in a southern direction, while the Eastern side of the continent is comprised of the territories Queensland (the northernmost of the three), New South Wales (in the middle of this eastern group), and Victoria (by far the smallest and the most southern of the lot). Further to the south sits the Island of Tasmania which, despite being off on its own, should not be overlooked as a potential vacation destination. There are also two main territories. These include the Northern Territory, which abuts South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory, which is a smaller region located within NSW. Deciding which state you’ll want to visit is the probably the toughest part of your vacation planning, so it’s best to start with an in-depth look at what each place has to offer the discerning traveler.
Western Australia draws quite a few visitors every year, a testament to all of the attractions it has to offer. The state has quite a bit of frontage along the Indian Ocean and much of the coastal region boasts a lovely Mediterranean climate.  A whopping 92% of the population of Western Australia is located in the southwestern corner, where you will also find Perth. Whether you’re looking to catch some sun at the shore, explore the densely forested areas, or have a true outback adventure exploring their mind-blowing rock formations, Western Australia has plenty for the adventurous traveler. Being that Western Australia is so vast, it boasts incredible biological diversity, making it a great spot for an outdoorsy vacation. Perth provides a good dose of culture and nightlife, to complement the vast areas of natural beauty.

South Australia is by far the most arid region in the continent. The coastal areas have a pleasant Mediterranean climate, but parts of SA can get downright hot during certain times of the year. The sea is always a great destination in Australia, and SA is no exception to that rule. There are also a host of bike trails, rivers and lakes, and parks and preserves for nature lovers. Wine connoisseurs are also in luck, as South Australia is a bastion of fine wine and great food. Adelaide is a very popular destination for visitors, with lots of culture and gourmet dining to be found there. The warm summers and mild winters make SA a good place to consider year round.
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