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More Great Australian Destination Ideas

Queensland enjoys frontage on both the Coral Sea and the Pacific Ocean and was first inhabited by Aboriginal Australians. The state is quite large, so the climate can vary wildly depending on where you visit. From the tropical north to the outback region and down to the temperate southern country, QLD has a lot to offer. Brisbane lies in the Southeastern part of QLD and attracts a lot of tourism. The area is self-described as a laid-back environment that offers high culture without pretention. Whether you’re looking to stroll through a botanical garden, take in a show, or shop for high-fashion, Brisbane has got you covered. Queensland also features lots of wildlife, great surfing, and scenic backdrops for outdoorsy adventures. The Golden Coast is a sight to behold in and of itself, making QLD far worth the trip.
New South Wales is Australia’s most populous state, home to the ever-popular destinations of Sydney and the South Coast. NSW has some of the most unspoiled coast in the country, along with mountainous regions and even rainforests in the North Coast. It is certainly a noteworthy destination for those who love picturesque and natural vacation spots. The climate trends toward the side of arid, but up in the mountainous regions it can be downright chilly. There is also plenty of culture to be found here, for those who prefer city life. Sydney is the largest city in Australia and, as such, offers no shortage of attractions, events, and culture. It isn’t too difficult to get around in Sydney, with public transit a popular option for traveling up the coast or moving about the city, but outside of that NSW is a bit more isolated. Like most of the states, NSW has many different sides. These include bustling city and quiet seaside oasis, so there’s a little something for everyone here.
Victoria is home to Melbourne, a bustling metro area and popular travel destination. “Authentic” Australia is also in abundance in VIC, with the penguins of Philip Island, the Great Ocean Road along the coast, and stunning desert landscapes. As IVHE has previously noted, VIC is also home to world-class fishing. Victoria offers a great mix of culture and nature. Melbourne is an easy sell for foodies, sports fans, theatre fanatics, and music lovers alike, while the wilder part of the state sates the outdoorsy among us. There is also a robust wine culture here, which is something for both camps to enjoy.

Last but not least there is Tasmania, the island state to the south of VIC. This is a truly unique place, perfect for nature lovers. A whopping 45% of the area is comprised of nature reserves and parks. From scuba diving to mountain climbing, they’ve got you covered. There are also compact cities to be found, should you get a hankering for a touch of night life, but the real crown jewel of TAS is decidedly the natural beauty all around. If you’re looking for even more detail on the southeastern region (Victoria and Tasmania), we’ve even provided a more in-depth post on the subject.
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