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Vacation Travel for Disabled People

All of us can enjoy the comforts of extra amenities when using home exchange.  Having a nice kitchen for cooking or extra bedrooms for privacy are benefits that many of us enjoy.  For people with a disability, staying in a home while on vacation or holidays can make the trip one of their most enjoyable ever.  

There are many different types of disable friendly homes.  Some are only on one level or may have larger doors for easier maneuverability, others might have an elevator.  Other homes have positioned amenities at a different level for easier access.  Baths or showers can be arranged for better use and convenience.  

At International Vacation Home Exchange we have many search options including the ability where you can view only properties where the owner has stated that the house is disable friendly.  On the IVHE Property Search page select More Options, then in Facilities select Disable Friendly or simply click here.   

When looking for a home that is disable friendly, please communicate with the owner to ensure that the property meets your requirements, or engage our trade coordinator team by emailing us for specific information on a listing.  

For additional thoughts on homes that are disable friendly, see another blog.  


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