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It’s not where, but what are you doing on vacation.

People often ask, ‘where are you going on vacation?’ The truth is we go on vacation to enjoy life other than working and being at home.  Shouldn’t the question really be ‘what are you planning to do while on vacation?’ helps people find the right vacation destination for the best home exchange available. 

Vacations are for spending time doing the things we enjoy most.   It could be a specific activity like golfing, fishing or skiing.  Or you could simply be looking for a relaxing place to take a walk or have a nice location to spend time with your family and friends without all the day to day issues of being at home.  What if you can choose your next time away based on your personal preferences?  And what if after a great day out enjoying life you can come back to a luxury home to relax and continue to share the stories and experiences of the day, while saving thousands on accommodation expenses?  All of this is possible with the best home exchange websites.   

To make this easy, International Vacation Home Exchange,, has enhanced it search criteria to make it easy for you to choose an exclusive location that caters for the needs that you specify.   As mentioned earlier, if you are a golfer, you can choose golf destinations.  Is walking and hiking your passion, search by this criteria.   Are you an expert angler and enjoy pursuing and catching fish?   You can enjoy luxury homes with fishing nearby.   Your search for the best home exchange is now very easy as you can select from all of the following options: skiing, beach locations, scuba diving, boating and sailing, horse riding, surfing, tropical locations, fishing, hiking, golfing and tennis.  

Of course are some point you will want to also narrow your search to the best home exchange for your family / party, so you can also choose by country, number of bedrooms, how many the home can accommodate for sleeping and various other amenities.   Maybe your extended family is traveling together and everyone enjoys going to the beach.  A large place with many bedrooms is important, but you also want to have the conveniences of having a dishwasher – no problem, just include it in your selection criteria.   Or maybe having your own garden or outside barbeque is the best way to spend your time, include them in the facilities search.  Say you require a vacation home where there is Wi-Fi access included; just include Wi-Fi in your search, easy! 

“Vacation travel should be fun and easy, by listening to our members we have enhanced our search criteria to include over a dozen vacation activities along with other important selection areas like number of bedrooms, amenities, and country to name a few.   Our members save, on average, $409 per night in accommodation costs, while enjoying all the amenities of staying in a luxury home.   Our aim is to provide the best home exchange website for planning your next vacation.  ” says Larry Klimczyk, Director of International Vacation Home Exchange,

With collaborative consumption and the sharing economy growing at a very fast pace, home exchange is a great way to travel. offers traditional direct home exchanges, where two parties decide to swap homes at the same time. also offers a unique solution for members that already own a vacation home.’s credits system enables more flexibility and options for second home owners.  The ingenious system gives credits to the host member when someone stays at their property.  They in turn can then spend these credits at any of the properties in over 70 countries around the globe. 

Join members around the worlds that are enjoying exclusive vacation homes while saving thousands of dollars.  Your best home exchange vacation can easily be planned today – enjoy relaxing in a vacation / holiday home with full amenities, and live like a local when traveling. 


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