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Vacation Home Exchange Podcast - people just like you.

Join the sharing economy and get to know home exchange on at a personal level.  Exclusive home exchange members of are sharing stories about their vacations and home exchange experiences in a new podcast series.  The interview format gives the listeners a personal view from experienced home exchange travelers.   Listen to all of these podcasts, either live or download for your convenience.  

Home exchange is a great way to travel the world, enjoy the conveniences of a home, live like a local and save thousands in accommodation costs.   Before experiencing home swapping for the first time, most people are quite anxious.  In these podcast interviews, you meet several members and learn that they are people just like you.  They give useful information about vacation travel, their experiences in home exchange and some thoughts and tips that will be useful for you.  

‘To further open up home exchange to a wider audience, we are pleased to announce the Vacation Home Exchange Podcast series where travelers share their home exchange experiences with you.  This is a fun and convenient way to learn more about home exchange, is very proud to have great members that simply love to travel and share their ideas and thoughts with others.  Join the sharing economy and try home exchange travel.’ states Larry Klimczyk, Executive Director of International Vacation Home Exchange, 

With member’s homes in over 70 countries, the following are short introduction to what you can enjoy on your next vacation:

Virgin Islands – beaches, fantastic pool and perfect weather.  IVHE #0835. 

Dordogne France – stunning food, tranquil landscapes and plenty to explore.  IVHE #0552

English Cottage – the best of English countryside, perfect for walking and simply relaxing.  IVHE #0727

Barbados – explore with all your sense on this beautiful Carribean island.  IVHE # 0566

Marco Island, Florida – the waterfront property may treat you with seeing dolphins and manatee.  IVHE #0102

The sharing economy is growing at an extremely fast pace, experience with home exchange, a great way to travel. 
Join members around the worlds that are enjoying exclusive vacation homes while saving thousands of dollars.  Your best home exchange vacation can easily be planned today – enjoy relaxing in a vacation / holiday home with full amenities, and live like a local when traveling. 


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