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Vacation Home Exchange Infographic (video)

Are you new to International Vacation Home Exchange,  We are going to share with you some key facts about our exclusive vacation homes and what our members enjoy when home exchanging with IVHE.
Want to save money on your next vacation?  How does over $5,600 sound?  Of course you don’t need to stay the full 2 weeks, the length of your vacation is up to you. Our members, on average save over $400 per night in accommodation costs. 
What are these home like?  To start with, about 2 out of 3 have 3 bedrooms or more.   For larger groups, nearly 20% have five bedrooms or more.  95% of the homes accommodate 4 guests to sleep comfortably.  And for larger parties, nearly a quarter can sleep 10 guests or more. 
Besides plenty of space, another advantage of home swapping is the convenience of having a kitchen for cooking meals.  For properties, almost 2 out of 3 have four major appliances like a stove, microwave and a dishwasher for cleaning up.  In addition, another convenience while on vacation is a clothes washing machine, so you don’t have to find a laundromat. 
It’s not just about amenities, it’s also about having fun.  1 in 4 homes have a pool for you to enjoy. More than two thirds have a garden or yard and two thirds also have an outdoor barbeque.    Some even have an inviting hot tub to relax in.
Who are our members, chances are they are just like you, someone who loves to travel, enjoys living like a local when away and looks to save money! members enjoy luxury vacation homes in over 70 countries around the world.   Contact us today to find out more on how to plan your next home exchange vacation  


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