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FREE Home Exchange Guide - Chapter 4 (audio-book)

How do you get a home exchange? Is the subject of this chapter (4) of the Home Exchange Guide. You can enjoy listening, at your conveninence through the podcast series.  
You will learn the easy steps to take in fining the right home exchange for your next vacation, this includes the power of photographs, the importance of communication and how to build a profile and listing for your home.  Listen to this new podcast and take another step closer to enjoying all the benefits of house swapping when travelling.  
The first three chapters were previously released and are still available.  They cover important topics like Why Home Exchange , Are all Home Exchanges the same? , How do you choose the best home exchange network for you? 
In future podcasts we will cover additional chapters with the following topics:
     How do you ready your home?
     How to prepare for your vacation?
Plus 10 Things to Avoid, Your Membership Checklist, and a sample Home Exchange Agreement.
The author, Larry Klimczyk is an avid traveller having visited over 60 countries around the globe.  He shares his experiences of home swap over the past decade.  Subscribe to this blog or the podcast series and automatically receive an email when these future chapters are released, or download a PDF version today at Home Exchange Guide


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