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Montreal, Beer and Brie - BBQ fun on vacation

Steaks, burgers, chicken, corn on the cob and grilled veggies are all great for meals especially on vacation.  Make it fun, cook outdoors on a barbeque.  Wait, how can you enjoy a barbeque on vacation?  Very few hotels or resorts have this option, but with home exchange you can enjoy many wonderful conveniences and amenities while visiting an exclusive vacation home – a bbq is only one great advantage of home swapping while traveling.  You will have a kitchen for preparing your food then you can step outside to cook your meal in the great outdoors.  Having the option to ‘cook at home’ is great for relaxing and saving even more money while traveling.  With, International Vacation Home Exchange, over two out of three listings has an outdoor grill or barbeque for you to use and you can even search by it too – see outdoor grill!  Learn about all the amenities and options you have with home exchanges. 
You could be cooking outside near the beach, up in the mountains or out in the countryside.  With home exchange choices in over 70 countries around the world, there are so many great destinations for you to choose.  Being on vacation you may not want to spend hours preparing a meal, so we would like to share with you some simple yet delicious barbeque meals.
Steaks are always a favorite.  My personal favourite and extremely easy is to buy Montreal steak seasoning.  Simple sprinkle on your steaks to the level of seasoning you like, hand press into the meat, let stand for a few minutes then head out to the flames!  With a bbq you can easily cook to everyone’s preference from rare to well done.  I’m partial to ribeye but Montreal steak seasoning is great with most steaks. 
A more recent phenomena for barbequing is beer can chicken.  Don’t worry if someone in your party isn’t crazy about beer, as the there is only a light transfer of hops taste, the main benefit of beer can chicken is keeping the meat delightfully moist.  The process is simple, take a whole (cleaned) chicken and place it over a large (open) beer can.  Stand directly on the grill and close the bbq lid.  The beer will gradually release up into the chicken, helping with cooking and keeping the meat incredibly moist.  Not only is this a great meal it is very funny to show to your family and friends, we’ll leave the joke comments about the beer can in the chicken to you. 
Burgers are always good bbq food but for a yummy change try lamb burgers.  To prepare take your minced lamb, mix in an egg (so it sticks together), and mint spices.  For an added surprise when making your meet patties, put a bit of cheese in the middle – brie is my favourite.  Keep the amount of cheese small (marble size) and well inside the meat so it doesn’t ooze out while cooking.  For a condiment offer some mint jelly, your guests will love the change from a regular beef burger. 

We’ll follow up with some veggie ideas in a futureblog.   Do you have a favourite barbeque recipe to share?  Send us an email; we would love to include it in a future blog.  How about relaxing in a pool and then kicking back having a nice refreshing drink while barbequing, find your perfect vacation destination home with  


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