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Luxury Property Videos, select your next vacation

Sit back, relax and enjoy watching short videos of exclusive homes for you next exchange vacation. is pleased to launch several videos on the YouTube channel featuring a selection of their members’ luxury properties.  
For an introduction to the types of homes available, start with the overview video.   You can choose from several featured properties below.  Click on the photos below for a video or on the property listing number for more details.  

Brazil  Plenty of space to relax and entertain, including your own private pool.  Visit #1110

Utah, USA  This ski lodge has much offer for everyone. Visit #1014

Prince Edward Island, Canada  The world’s first rotating house!  Great for golfers and exploring the beauty of P.E.I. Visit #1032

Barbados  Beach, dining and perfect weather in this Caribbean paradise.  Visit #0566

Wyoming, USA  Get away from the busyness of life and enjoy the best of mother nature in Wyoming.  Visit #1085

Subscribe to the YouTube channel and get an update when we release new programs.  Interested in learning more about the features of our members’ vacation homes?  Watch this infographics video.  


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