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Vacation BBQs, more than just meat!

We all know of hot dogs, burgers and sausages on the barbeque but how about adding some great veggies to the meal?  Make it fun by adding an assortment of flavors without spending hours in the kitchen.  Add vegetables when cooking outdoors on a barbeque while on vacation.  Wait, how can you enjoy a barbeque on vacation?  Very few hotels or resorts have this option, but with home exchange you can enjoy many wonderful conveniences and amenities while visiting an exclusive vacation home – a bbq is only one great advantage of home swapping while traveling.  You will have a kitchen for preparing your food then you can step outside with your favorite refreshing drink to cook your meal in the great outdoors.  This is the second blog with tasty yet simple to prepare bbq ideas while traveling.  Having the option to ‘cook at home’ is great for relaxing and saving even more money while traveling. 
With, International Vacation Home Exchange, two out of three of the listings has a barbeque for you to use!  Interested in reading and listening to home exchange experiences, check out these testimonials.  Being on vacation you may not want to spend hours preparing a meal, so we would like to share with you some simple yet delicious veggie dishes for your barbeque. 
Corn on the cob is usually a big winner with kids of all ages.  Unfortunately corn on the cob can take ages to cook on a BBQ and can dry them out.  Make life easy, cook them in the microwave first, and then use the bbq grill to finish them off to your personal preference.  Adds extra flavor and keeps the corn on the cob warm while you are finishing off your meat dishes. 
Mushrooms full of flavour are a great treat on the bbq.  To prepare sprinkle some olive oil on the inside of the cap adding in some Italian spices (should stick nicely with the oil), cook briefly on the main grill (both sides) then move to a upper gill off the main flame.  With about 5 minutes left for the rest of your meal, with the top of the cap upside down, add in slices of your favourite cheese.  We would recommend a creamy and flavorful cheese like brie or maybe something stronger like Pont l’Eveque.  For a treat, before adding the cheese try adding small slices of chorizo, will create an explosion of flavors on your tongue. 
Interested in adding some spice to your meal?  Onions, peppers and garlic are all every easy and great to mix in with the rest of your meal.  If you enjoy all of these, slicing them into chunks and then skewering make barbequing and eating easy.  Simply drizzle with olive oil and season with your favourite spice.  Enjoy them on their own, quarter the peppers, halve the onions and leave the garlic cloves whole.  Like with the corn on the cob, take advantage of having a kitchen and microwave things first to speed up the process. 
If you are looking for quick, easy and tasty meat dishes, check out an earlier blog on home exchange bbqs.  Do you have a favourite barbeque recipe to share?  Send us an email; we would love to include it in a future blog. 

For more information on home exchange barbeques, visit this blog.  

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